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Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 251

Thats true but they were also used as a club.... that, along with the collusion with the major media outlets (providing access in return for not covering Bernie, always displaying the electoral count with super delegates to make people feel like voting for him was hopeless and providing Hillary with the questions to a debate ahead of time).

If super delegates didn't exist at least part of that collusion would have been considerably less effective and we might have had a different outcome... and of course that doesn't even get into the question of voter suppression and the mysterious access that each campaign had to each others data due to a system put in place by Hillary's supporters.

Everything about that primary stunk to high heaven but we already knew that.

Comment Re:Conversations before Appointment (Score 1) 895

If they act now they get pence in office for a nice long time and there is plenty of time for the country to forget about Trump before the midterms. If you are worried that his lack of popularity and these scandals and all these pissed off constituents in town hall meetings might result in you losing your position, or your party losing its majority, you might consider acting.

Wait too long and the midterms will loom large and who knows what Trump might be up to. Its a tricky question and I can't put myself in the shoe's of the republican senators but if keeping Trump in place looks like it might cost them the majority in the senate they will have to move.

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