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Comment Re:macs are for gays (Score 1) 268

The bent pin was the power problem... THANK YOU! What a spectacularly fragile piece of shit this connector is... its like they deliberately added plastic to make the cord stiffer so there would be more stress on the whole assembly. I'm not going to begin to speculate on why a data pin is needed, or why the default reaction to no data isn't "Power the fucking laptop" Unfuckingbelivable.

I spent 2 hours going back and forth with support. Flashed the bios. Upgradeded all drivers.... at which point they wanted me to reinstall windows before I finally hung up on them. Unfuckingbelivable.

HP really should take on the Packard Bell name now... they've earned it.

Comment Re:macs are for gays (Score 1, Funny) 268

When my 8 year old macbook died, I needed something quick, and Best Buy was my option. I was pissed at apple for general product shittiniess over the past few years, and especially pissed because what killed my macbook was it turning on and roasting itself in my backpack (over temp shutdown? We don't need that... we're Apple). So I bought an HP laptop with some trepidation, as the last HP laptop I bought 12 years ago was an utter piece of shit that failed after 4 months and they refused to warranty. (2 years later a class action suit forced them to fix it... woo hoo! 2 year old computer!)

So this fucking thing from the get go has a dodgy HDMI output... flickering and shutting down whenever you run 3d on an external monitor. Fine. I didn't buy it to use with a monitor. So 4 months later, the fucking thing won't accept power from the supply while running... so the only way to use it is to charge it up, run it till it dies, and charge it up again. I am going to call about it today, and fully expect to get dicked around just like last time.

As pissed as I am at apple, something that lasts 8 years before shitting the bed... pretty good in comparison to 4 months.

Moral of the story? Fuck, I don't know.

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