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Comment Re:megavitamins (Score 1) 86

Very large doses of some vitamins can actually make you very sick or significantly increase your cancer risk. The most common thing is people that think that LOTS of antioxidants are good for them. The problem is that if you take too many your body can no longer destroy cancer cells with free radicals generated by macrophages. If you take antioxidants too far you significantly increase your risk of cancer and your risk for bacterial infection.

There are also some fat soluble vitamins that are toxic if you take too much (like D).

You do need vitamins and minerals and as our technology advances we can figure out how much you truly need but for now it is still important to use moderation.

Comment Re:This is why H1-B should go to the highest wages (Score 1) 318

It would not take 3-6 months it would take 2-3 years.Some of these newer fields are combining knowledge of chemistry, manufacturing and computer science. It is just not that easy to teach someone to do it.

Efforts have been made to have different people do each part of it and mostly that has failed. The issues are complex enough that you really do need one mind to at least know enough about all of those that the problem can be fully developed and specialized tasks can then be divided out.

Comment Re:H1B is a band-aid for the real problem (Score 1) 318

There are new fields the USA does not have yet. I went to Germany because of a research group here that is working on something that only a few other groups in the entire world are working in. Some US companies would love to hire the entire team so we could teach more people how to do what we do.

There are all kinds of advances in biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, genetic engineering etc and the fields are so complex and so specialized that it is easy to have a situation where the there are certain skills the USA just does not have yet. It takes a while for universities to catch up with the education required and meanwhile work still needs to be done. Some of the research I am working on will likely end up in the textbooks.

Comment Re:Have laptop. Will work. How about free roaming? (Score 1) 318

A heck of a lot of problems are easier to solve with people in the same room together. I have worked with some colleagues remotely trying to solve some incredibly difficult problems and what it finally took was everyone in the same room together for a few days to get it figured out.

Lots of paper, stuff written on the white board and discussions with far too many math equations but the problem was solved.

If you work for a company that makes a physical product you often have material engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, programmers etc all working together and people able to be in the same place together really helps.

Comment Re:This is why H1-B should go to the highest wages (Score 1) 318

I see this as a separate issue. If you make it to a US university and graduate your diploma should come with a visa and a path to a greencard. There should be no H1-B or anything else. In my graduating class we had chemical engineers that had to return to their home countries in a field where unemployment is around 0.5%. They should have all been able to stay.

Comment Re:This is why H1-B should go to the highest wages (Score 1) 318

One company I knew took 2 years to fill a position and finally hired someone that was not qualified and is trying to train them to do the job but the problem is that they don't really know how to train someone to do the job. There where some people in other countries that could have done the job but they where never able to get them to the USA.

Comment This is why H1-B should go to the highest wages (Score 1) 318

All H1-B visa requests should go into a pool and from that entries should be selected in descending order from the highest wages. Then the companies that are seriously trying to bring someone in that they really can't get would get the people they need. I have seen companies try to bring a single person in and where offering a LOT for the job but never won the lottery for the H1-B slot.

This seems like it would almost entirely address the current problems of H1-B being used to drive wages down. It is hard to drive wages down when the slots are essentially auctioned.

There are companies outside of the tech companies that do pull in highly qualified people with H1-B and don't screw their workers over.

I am sick and tired of the system being abused to lower wages and treat people like servants as so many of the tech companies do. Most of them where even involved in agreements with each other in silicon valley to drive wages down. The system needs to be fundamentally fixed and the companies abusing it needed to be fined MORE than what the H1-B system abuse saved them.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem. (Score 2) 660

I know people in certain VERY new fields where american companies have more job openings than there are qualified people on earth for those jobs. These jobs would all pay well in excess of $150K/year and would not cost any american a job. It would actually create a lot more job for americans since each engineer/scientist hired usually results in more support jobs at the company (due to being able to make more products).

However due to how the H1-B system is abused it is really hard to get the people you need. I would prefer the H1-B visa system becomes a bidding system where it goes from highest to lowest paid until the slots are used up. This would ensure that those people we truly need and can't get locally are the ones brought in and not people that depress wages in the area.

The USA is working on these new fields but there are a very small number that the USA is behind on by probably 5-10 years. Eventually we will have more qualified people but it is going to be a while before the current positions can be filled.

Comment Re:Utter shite (Score 1) 231

I have had AV software have false positives on software I was compiling and it would delete it immediately. I even tried to mark that area as safe but to no avail. I ended up getting rid of the AV software since I could not get work done that way.

I have also run into AV software where a bad update went through and the software ended up attacking the OS and did quite a lot of damage in terms of downtime.

At the end of the day it is easier for me to avoid viruses than it is to deal with most AV software I have encountered and the one built into windows seems to do a good enough job. The email I get comes through gmail and it seems to do an excellent job of filtering away the spam, malware etc and the software I download from intel, mathworks, nvidia lawrence livermore labs etc is very unlikely to be infected.

Comment Re:Utter shite (Score 1) 231

From what I could see in a few different tests windows defender is about 97% and there are a few scanners that go to 99.9% but the higher the detection rate the more likely it also is to suffer from false positives and impact the system negatively while running.

Comment Definitely agree (Score 2) 231

I had bitdefender installed on my machine about a year ago and I was writing c++ HPC software. Everything was compiled with the Intel compiler and mkl with profile guided optimizations. Bitdefender started detecting my binaries as virus infected and deleting them. This happened a few times and I disabled it for a month and later turned it back on with newer virus definitions and the same issue kept happening. It even detected some of the binaries I had on a shared drive and deleted them also.

The false positive rate on some of these scanners is just too high.

I will just stay with windows defender since it has not interfered with any of my debugging or profiling and has never deleted the software I am compiling.

Comment Professional version for professional usage (Score 1) 498

If you have the professional version windows will ask if you want to reboot and you can delay it and then keep delaying it for as long as you want. If I am in the middle of something I will normally tell it to delay for 4 hours and the system already does not check for updates at all during the normal working hours I set.

All of these issues I have run into are people using the home version for work. You can do this but it does come with drawbacks as a result.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 3, Interesting) 277

Microsoft has been working quite hard to make windows a good development platform for linux. Between WSL and the changes to Visual Studio it has gotten pretty easy to do writing, compiling and debugging of linux software from windows.

For me this is really important since linux has never run well on this laptop. I have optimus which means I have a dedicated gpu + integrated gpu and with windows it seamlessly switches between them and everything works. Under linux there are commands to make one or the other run but it is not remotely seamless and it is really buggy. I have also run into problems with ubuntu and fedora where an update will sometimes break x entirely where the default output gets set to the device that is not activated and then having to deal with debugging that.

I also write C++ simulation software and I have found no better IDE that VisualStudio so far. With eclipse under linux once I upgraded to an SSD I sometimes had issues to compile multiple times to compile without errors about files not being found. If I compiled from the command line that never happened. Debugging is MUCH worse in eclipse vs visual studio. The worse thing though is profiling. I have no idea what happened to it on linux since I have done linux development for almost 20 years now and we used to have some of the best profilers out there but no it seems most of them just do a horrible job. Trying to profile a program that uses shared libraries in linux mostly ends up with no, poor or inconsistent results even when the program behavior is highly consistent. I ended up trying the proprietary vtune from intel and that worked great on linux and windows.

In the end it is easier to do development on windows where all the desktop type stuff works and get the software running completely correctly and debugged and then deploy it to linux servers, clusters, supercomputers etc for actual running. At this point I pretty much use windows for desktop work and linux for all the server work and the WSL system has made life much simpler.

Comment Re:Meal breaks (Score 2) 255

Overall I have been screwed over FAR more commonly from a small business than a large one. What I have found is that large businesses don't screw you over on small contracts since it is not worth the time to do it. It gets them more negative press and for no reason at all. I have also found that small businesses tend to be the most abusive and deceptive in what they want to do.

I once had a contract to build an electronic voting system for a professional ethics body and they wanted the ability to tamper with the election, They where PISSED when they found out the system notified everyone voting when they tried to temper with the system. I have just never seen a large business do that.

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