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Comment Re:And masterfully so (Score 4, Insightful) 83

Obamacare isn't imploding though, for the most part it's working much better than anything that can't before it. So many people are now invested in it, reliant on it.

Trump is losing hard. His two flagship policies are on the rocks. The Muslim ban he promised isn't a Muslim ban any more and even then gets stuck down again and again. And now Trumpcare, because he sucks at making deals and massively underestimated how complex healthcare is.

Don't forget that he promised to defeat Isis by now too. He's a used car salesman who promises to fix everything, tells you it's going to be the best wagon you every owned...

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 83

Just pointing it out or showing clips of himself describing his future self as a loser won't make it stick. We have to create a narrative, just like he does.

A narrative about Trump the loser. The biggest loser. Losing bigly. The kind of loser who can't even make a deal with his own party. A whiney loser who blames everyone else, like a child.

Comment Re:Law mandated technology (Score 1) 210

We can legislate lower energy use, because at the moment we are so wasteful. For example, ban inefficient cars and require people to demonstrate a need for bigger engines. We already do that with other kinds of pollution.

There is not the political will to do that in some countries, while others are talking about banning most combustion engine vehicles in the next few decades.

Comment Re:Prove it! (Score 0) 240

The reasons are complex, but mainly social. There was a lot more support in place in the 80s in particular, which helped address those social issues. In the 90s that support was withdrawn, perhaps because people felt that enough had been done for the problem to self correct from then on. It didn't work though, things went backwards.

Comment Re:Can we get some diversity in the submissions he (Score 0) 44

Speaking of shitty submissions...

"Some Of Hacker Group's Claim Of Having Access To 250M iCloud Account Aren't False"

should be either

"Some Of Hacker Group's Claims Of Having Access To 250M iCloud Account Aren't False"


"Some Of Hacker Group's Claim Of Having Access To 250M iCloud Account isn't False"

No go mod up some of my submissions if you want some variety.

Submission + - Red Flag Windows: Microsoft modifies Windows OS for Chinese government ( 1

AmiMoJo writes: China has long been both a huge lure and a thorn in the side for Microsoft. Massive piracy of Windows XP, a decade-long effort to replace Windows entirely with a home-grown Linux variant called Red Flag and an OpenOffice variant called RedOffice, and a ban on Windows 8 for government use following the leak by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden of information on National Security Agency spying all have combined to hinder Microsoft in the Chinese market. But now Microsoft — in partnership with the state-owned CETC — is preparing to reboot its relationship with Beijing, thanks to a modified version of Windows produced specifically for China.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 190

Most of these terrorists are natives anyway. Like the guy who just tried it in London - born as Adrian Russell in Dartford before he changed his name, UK citizen from birth.

The terrorists are actually one step ahead here. They know it is dumb to try to sneak jihadists over borders, at least via legitimate means that pass through border security. Instead they prefer to radicalize vulnerable people already in the target countries, via social media.

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