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Comment Re:No escape (Score 1) 309

Harder to hit without a physical key. Even not having the standard 4-4-4 spacing is a deal-breaker for me.

The suggested uses for the touch bar are stupid. Spelling suggestions? I'm looking at the screen, not the keyboard. Reconfiguring shortcut keys defeat the purpose of shortcut keys.

Comment Re:The foxes own the hen house (Score 3, Interesting) 76

I don't really see the problem. Web site asks if it can access your Bluetooth device, just like it can already request your location and access to your webcam, and you click "no". Even better, you set the default to "no".

If the website can override that, you are screwed anyway because it already owns your computer.

Comment Re:Garbage collection - less than 1% female (Score 1) 575

Okay, I see what you are saying, and yes confirmation bias is something that happens. However, do you have any evidence that it has happened here? Or try to see it from my perspective, I don't know you or how many people you know or how representative your experiences are, and on the other hand there are numerous studies of large numbers of people in a wide variety of places and settings that seem to suggest something else.

Scepticism is good, but unless you are willing to do your own statistically valid and methodologically sound studies I just don't think you can dismiss all this evidence.

I am pretty certain that your mind is made up and not subject to change.

I have changed my mind on things. My views on people with weight problems, for example. More recently, sexbots. Microsoft, more than once. The 68000 CPU. I don't really have a list... But I'm interested in evidence and compelling arguments, which is why I don't find anecdotes very persuasive. Also, my own experience has turned out to be atypical in the past and lead to a change of mine, so I'm careful to avoid making generalizations based on it these days.

What do you accept anyhow?

Well, there are various studies, conducted carefully using valid methodology contradicting you, so I would require something that shows at least a similar degree of rigour. That's reasonable, isn't it?

You don't actually believe any of my experience do you?

I already said I do, and I'll say it again. I believe you, I have no reason to doubt you. I'm just saying that your personal experience doesn't warrant a general conclusion.

Comment Re:Speaking as a Canadian and privacy advocate... (Score 1) 116

Maybe Canadian police are better, but for example the UK police have a long history of bungling investigations and framing people because they are under pressure to get a conviction. Much as I would like to do the right thing, unless I knew I had a watertight alibi and could afford a really good lawyer, I'd keep my mouth shut. The police are just too untrustworthy and when they lie/screw up there are no consequences for them, only for you.

Comment Re:Investigators might phone you if you don't resp (Score 1) 116

Expect a wave of bogus calls claiming to be from the police.

In the UK some criminals pretend to be the police and use the phone system to make their con more believable. People have lost of a lot of money because the "police" told them that criminals had accessed their bank accounts.

Comment Re:Just want to point out (Score 1) 110

Nobody knows what to make of them. Car reviewers don't know how to review electric vehicles, and end up making cringe-worthy statements or obvious n00b mistakes while not presenting any of the really valuable information buyers need as a result. The markets are the same, e.g. no other mass market car company has ever sold so many pre-orders so far from production and before a finished model has even been shown, and they don't know how to value it.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1, Interesting) 232

When did Slashdot become so anti-intellectual?

The author of the businessweek text has a degree in zoology and 'science journalism'.

Wrong type of degree, aka the Sheldon Cooper argument.

Pia Dietze has a major in psychology and focused on what? Yup. 'Class relations' etc..

Right degree, so much be biased to think everything is in their field of study. Obviously idiotic.

I think that pretty much sums him up in terms of his bias.

You don't like the word "privilege" and don't really understand it in this context, aka the bloke down the pub argument.

I do understand that engineers and people who study "hard" sciences like maths and physics have a hard time accepting that anything which can't be numerated or mathematically modelled, but this is just a straight up ad-hominem. epyT-R didn't even bother with the usual statistical attack first.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 575

The conclusion - men are pigs. From the article, the first and foremost reason : Overt sexism, unwanted attention and sexual harassment create hostile working conditions.

Sorry Ol, but that's the worst kind of MRA deliberate mis-interpretation. It's a single item on a list. It doesn't say that "men are pigs", or imply that, or suggest it is the main or only reason. It's just noting that sometimes it is an issue.

Do you believe that The sexism in IT or STEM is so bad, that it is the worst field of all for such things?

No, but this is a tech news site and I'm in tech, so I have some interest in it. I don't think we have to ignore all problems and only tackle the absolute worst example every time, in fact that might be less effective.

Comment Re:Garbage collection - less than 1% female (Score 1) 575

Asking for a discussion is a strawman argument?

You misunderstand. I'm saying that that position is not supported by feminist theory or me personally, so while you are of course free to discuss it I won't be joining that debate because I'm on the same side as you - neither of us think that there must always be parity at any cost.

You want a (whatever you decide is the appropriate gender mix)

You think that men are pigs and women are easily turned away from thier passions.

To be absolutely clear, I do not.

Furthermore, it sounds like your university did an awful lot and I accept your word that it is the case. I'm not disputing your personal experience, I'm saying that overall the numbers and the studies that actually spoke to women about this issue say something else. So perhaps your institution was the exception rather than the rule, or perhaps it was already too late by the time women got there and more effort needs to be put in at a younger age.

I'm not singling you out here, but I've noticed a lot of people seem to assume I believe all kinds of crazy things and take bizarre, extreme positions on a variety of subjects. I don't, please don't make those assumptions and don't get angry when I decline to defend them.

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