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Comment Vote Vs. User Agent (Score 1) 381

I would be interested to see what the user agents of some of these voters are. That's where the real vote happens. (caveat: I know that some of these browsers may have similar or identical User Agents, and that /.'ers are likely to mess with those sometimes, too.)

Comment FTFY 'means justify the ends' (Score 1) 462

I think part of the problem here is that this kind of 'ends justify the means' behavior has it backwards. With the justice system, it really is about 'the means justify the ends'. If there is no due process, or the due process is impeded by one of the parties involved in the court case, how can we believe that the outcome is what it should have been (with some tolerance for error, of course... =P).

Comment subtle diff between disciplined and disciplinary (Score 1) 337

"Hackers are not dangerous, they are misunderstood, and while disciplinary action is of course necessary, there is nothing disciplined about locking the door on a young man's life for 10 years."

FTFY: disciplinary, disciplinary. disciplined is the wrong word for this. It's like Jake Davis is saying that locking the door is a disciplined act. He means disciplinary act.

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