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Comment No 32GB = Still Waiting (Score 1) 804

The main reason I would want an iPhone is to eliminate the need to carry around my phone and my iPod. Since I have just over 25GB of music on it at the moment, it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer. I'm not sure why they came out with a 32GB iPod touch and not a 32GB iPhone, but it's pretty disappointing to me.
Data Storage

Submission + - Can you trust Google's Gdrive? ( 1

Lucas123 writes: "With all the hype over Google's expected release of a hosted storage service (most recently from a Wall Street Journal story last week) and Microsoft's August announcement of 500MB of free online storage, Computerworld's Jim Damoulakis raises the question of whether companies or individuals should trust their sensitive data to a hosted storage provider. Sure, there is already some precedence for corporations adopting hosted storage in the growing adoption of SaaS-based applications, where data is housed externally, often in common databases. But "a generic file storage service differs from hosted models in that the unstructured, multipurpose nature of file data inherently provokes more concerns about security.""

Submission + - Dell Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands (

Andrew Nagy writes: With Dell recently slipping behind HP as the #1 desktop computer seller, they've felt the heat to make some changes. Like many huge companies, Dell works with many different ad agencies to develop their marketing message, and it seems they've become frustrated with that process. Yesterday Dell announced that they will be partnering with WPP to form an ad agency that will handle all of Dell's advertising. Are other companies doing the same thing?

Submission + - Microsoft puts PR hit out on Google (

Andrew Nagy writes: A while ago, when Google acquired DoubleClick, everyone was crying foul over the possibility of privacy violation from Google. Soon after, the site (now down) went live, supposedly a site dedicated to discussing online privacy and competition. Turns out, Microsoft was behind it all. They hired a PR firm to engineer and put out releases "warning" how the acquisition made Google the bad guy.

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