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Comment Re:It happens, but way too commonly with google (Score 4, Insightful) 150

I've been involved in refactoring lots of software to replace dependencies on dead or obsolete tools and libraries, some of which were very expensive. Open source projects stagnate and die, but businesses go bankrupt, shift directions and discontinue products if they become unprofitable.

Determining the stability of a product and the impact to your business if it goes away is (or should be) part of the business decision process.

Comment Re:It happens, but way too commonly with google (Score 2) 150

There's nothing wrong with cloud-based services, as long as you go in with your eyes wide open to both the upsides AND the downsides.

Agree entirely. It's a risk and business management decision as much as a technical one. Relying on 3rd party services is obviously (or hopefully obviously) a risk, but risk is a basic component of most business.

Comment It happens, but way too commonly with google (Score 5, Insightful) 150

These days it's hard to write anything non-trivial without relying on something that will be hard to replace if it goes away, that's just a reality of modern software design. You can minimize the risk with abstraction and try to rely on open standards with multiple implementations, but at some point you have to just accept the occasional puzzle piece change as part of the business and move on.

That said, google pulls this shit all the time. Using a google API or service for anything critical would imo be a huge risk given their long history of suddenly killing things.

Comment Re:Lets hope its better than the last few series (Score 1) 153

It's a controversial opinion, but while I thought season 7 was mostly terrible, I actually liked where they went with the last season and actually hold it up as a rare example of a show managing to breath new life into something that's gone stale by introducing a major plot development near the end.

Comment What's the big problem? (Score 5, Insightful) 675

As a Canadian I really don't get this. We've had chip and pin here for awhile, and while the initial adoption was a bit rough, it generally works fine.


Reader says "insert chip in the bottom".
You insert chip in the bottom.
Reader says "enter pin".
You enter pin.

Painstakingly slow

I've noticed some readers are slow, but this probably has nothing to do with the chip, the merchant just has a shitty system. If you're talking about the process being slower, ok yeah, by about 10 to 15 seconds or so.

Less secure than the alternatives

What alternatives? Getting a signature that no teller ever verifies or checking the name against your ID (which again, never actually happens)?

Not saying chip and pin is perfect, but I really don't get why this is such a big "disaster".

Comment Re: Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 2) 858

Meh, guilty as charged to pretty much all of that.

If what you said works then I'm envious.. I accepted having to choose between sitting through some crap while cuddling or no cuddling and possibly a speech a long time ago.

I do complain about the shows though, it's no secret that I don't like them. Why women (or at least the subset I've known) absolutely insist on forcing us to watch stuff with them that they _know_ we hate is beyond me, but it's a thing and I (like I suspect many others) gave up fighting it a long time ago.

Comment Re: Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 4, Insightful) 858

So much actual this.

And beyond that, when your GF does sit through one of "your shows" she's usually doing something else, whereas for whatever reason I feel guys are compelled to watch what's on the TV even if we hate it to our core.

There are certainly legit social issues relating to gender inequality, but I wish we could find a balance and accept that yes, there _are_ actually differences between how men and women generally behave and that may not actually be a bad thing.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 190

I admit it's mostly a psychological thing for me, objectively you're probably 100% right.

That said, I have certainly been considering moving a big chunk (at least half) of it into a low to mid risk index fund (I'm Canadian and lean towards tangerine for that kind of thing).

In general I'm in the Canadian couch potato crowd (primarily relying on index funds and self balanced ETF allocations). I've played with investopedia enough to learn that individual securities trading is probably a terrible idea for me.

And since it's life story time, I'm on the "live within my means, balance between mid and long term goals and enjoying life while young and healthy, retire comfortably within a reasonable timeframe" plan, but I have respect for the live frugal retire well and early plan.

Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 190

I keep about 6 months living expenses in a plain-ol savings account (earns %0.8 interest) for accessibility and safety. Sure I could dump that money in with the rest of my investments and risk eating a loss if I need it at the wrong time, but I prefer the peace of mind of knowing I have that money available and can use it worry free if required.

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