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Comment Re:Obama (Score 0) 158

"Just like he promised to stop GMOs from being forced upon unsuspecting consumers...."

But he has stopped the oil pipelines, so your beloved Stone Age probably isn't as far away as you think.

One more administration like this, and the only Democrat energy source left will be the rapidly spinning body of Franklin Roosevelt.

Comment Re:I want capsule apartments (Score 1) 169

Japan has 'capsule hotels'. I figured they could be cheap housing for the poor. However, crime, and other social problems can become important when lots of poor are concentrated..

The problem is that we don't have Japanese poor. I have seen public housing in Tokyo, same architecture as our own welfare housing, but it's all clean and well maintained.

Comment Arizona just took the opposite approach (Score 1) 160

The state has banned its cities from banning AirBnB. This move is generally popular but has been controversial in some towns because of the possibility that, as is feared in NYC, that short-term rentals would cut into the supply of "affordable" housing. In AZ, we're not concerned about low-income housing - in fact we hate it when the feds ram Section 8 developments down our throats - but we do want rentals that our baristas and tour guides can afford.

My thought: if the AirBnB model works as an incentive for homeowners to rent nights to tourists, wouldn't there be an even bigger market for the same kind of startup to simplify renting by the month to service workers?

Comment Re:Uh oh (Score 1) 112

"It remains to be seen what will happen when these half ape and half reptilian children meet and reproduce and if they will have any special abilities."

In line with terrestrial cultural values they have accumulated much fame and the gold that goes with it, but as recent events in Paris have shown, they need special training in Earth security.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 524

"its probably true, its probably also not because apple is that much superior. its probably a combination between less virusses and crapware and available settings and people using the macs not being completely retarded when using pcs."

I see two reasons: OS X (now macOS) is Unix based, like Linux but not fragmented into a brazillion distros all pulling in different directions, and the small number of standard Apple hardware platforms. Each PC is, in contrast, a snowflake slightly different from the rest. Though Windows is written to do a tolerable job of supporting the myriad slightly different PC hardware configurations, it's going to bluescreen when it encounters some combination of an unfamiliar graphics card with an unfamiliar mouse.

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