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Comment Linux Distribution not OS (Score 1) 128

Google has done a wonderful job of obfuscation to the fact that Android and Chrome are Linux distributions not OSes. They both use the Linux kernel and Google's in house Desktop Environment. Does Fuchsia replace the Linux kernel or is it simply a new distribution with yet another Desktop Environment?

Comment Re:hard to see what the problem is (Score 2) 105

I think the problem you may be having is trying to apply US law to a UK arrest. In the US the plugins probably aren't considered illegal in and of themselves but if you actually use them to access content you don't have the rights to then THAT is illegal. AFAICT in the UK buying/selling the very plugin is illegal. So if the seller of the "KODI" box lives in the UK they are breaking UK law. Not for KODI itself but the offending plugin. In the US not so much despite what the RIAA/MPAA say.

Comment Re: Vulkan (Score 1) 170

And when exactly has MS ever innovated?

Software licensing. They may not have invented licensing but they took it to a whole other level. For a while they were actually getting away with forcing enterprises to pay a seat license for every desktop in the office. That Sun Sparc-Windows license. That Mac-Windows license. That Silicon Graphics Iris-Windows license.

Comment Brings back memories (Score 2) 173

I was working with a customer on an issue with their new Sceptre 14" CRT monitor some years back. The thing just would not sync. It looked like the scrambled signal you would see when you were trying to watch HBO and you didn't have a subscription (or one of those descramblers you got out of the back of a truck somewhere). After hours without success we called Sceptre support. After describing the problem they advised us we needed to point the monitor due North to align with the Earth's magnetic poles. Once we got off the floor from laughing I went about determining due North and swivel the monitor thus. The picture cleared.

Comment Pot...Meet Kettle (Score 1) 460

The Washington Post calling out anybody on alternate facts is dubious at best. Downright scandalous at worst. And MSNBC plainly state they are an opinion station not a news agency. I want to know where anybody is getting "official" numbers for any of the inaugurations since they stopped taking headcounts years ago. All counts you see put forth as fact are actually guesstimations based on a photo of the event. The numbers can be close but never verified. The inauguration is harder to count because no aerial photography is allowed (No fly zone). Add to that rioters blocking the entrance to the Mall preventing attendees from actually entering and numbers become even more irrelevant. I didn't want to believe the media had gone completely partisan but the more they publish hearsay and innuendo the more it looks like they have.

Comment redirection (Score 2) 433

If he's as paranoid as he sounds then indirectly give him the idea that a superior or peer of equal tenure is gunning for him. I just spent the last two years dealing with an incompetent manager who everyone knew was incompetent but his boss was too proud to admit he had made a mistake in hiring him. Less than a month after he started one of his employees quit and sited him as the reason she quit. HR followed up and seven other people myself included filed formal complaints. HR found no grounds for dismissal. Over the last two years he's been filed on over twelve times. Last month he made the mistake of pulling his passive aggressive crap on one of the directors and *poof* his ass was gone. Sometimes it's not what they are doing as much as who they are doing it to.

Comment Re:Which customers? (Score 5, Insightful) 293

Then you missed the example already given. Apple kept outdated tech in their email system to accommodate a very small but crucial market segment. Now Apple is removing features large swaths of their consumer base still use. Anecdotal as it may be I know of several people who were waiting to upgrade their iPhone when 7 came out and decided to get a Samsung device because of the headphone jack. It may not hurt Apple in the short term but it will if they continue to alienate their customer base.

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