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Comment Re:Cheaper... For now. (Score 1) 279

While someone needs to put a stick in Intel's ass, I don't believe for a minute that this will remain a cheaper alternative, if AMD starts getting some traction.

Oh, and I didn't see anything about power usage. AMD has always sucked in that regard.

From the Ars Technica article:

IPC is interesting in that it gives a sense of how cores are designed, but workloads aren't constrained by IPC or clock speed per se; they're constrained by thermal and power constraints. And AMD compares very favorably there, too: the Intel chip is a 140W part, so can use about 50 percent more power than the AMD.

Comment Re:If we only had more unions BS like this would n (Score 1) 158

If we only had more unions BS like this would not even make it to the install part unless there is a big list of things needed to fire someone / rules in place to make so that the boss needs to show that to use this to fire some takes a lot of paper work.

It's like alot of the BS metrics that just end up making people cheat the system / hurt things in areas that are not tacked.

Unions seem like a good idea for unskilled work, but not for technology workers. I am not interested in any sort of collective bargaining. If I have a device at my desk or software on my laptop that I find onerous, I can (a)disable/delete/destroy it or (b) go work somewhere else. The good thing about software development is that for every programmer worth his salt there are 100 jobs waiting.

Comment Re:Dedicated player you say? (Score 1) 69

"That means that a dedicated WoW player can now fund [...]"

When you say dedicated WoW player you mean Chinese gold farmer?

Not necessarily. I have a WoW account (not active) with over 600k gold in it that I accumulated playing it for 10+ years. I could definitely use that gold to get some Overwatch skins if the account was active. I suspect I'd need to activate the account to transfer the credits though, which is a deal breaker.

Comment Have it, probably won't keep it (Score 2) 25

I got it for the discounted AppleTV. $105 including 3 months of service for a $149 unit was a no brainer.

The service itself though hasn't been very good. Lots of streaming errors. No single-sign-on. Most of the apps that channels use for on-demand streaming don't have DirecT Now listed as a provider, so you can't use them. The only one that I've found that works is ESPN.

I really just wanted NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX streaming, but it only has one of those (ABC) that both works and supports on-demand. It's pretty damn disappointing. At the end of the 3 months if it's still the same I am cancelling.

Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 0) 535

It clearly sounds like an advert. I've never heard of "system76" -- because they're nobody. You've always been able to get a cheap no-name PC with cheap components for less than Apple. This has been true for 15+ years.

The problem is, when you're done, you have a cheap PC with a crappy user experience. We use macOS because it's better than Windows for engineers who develop outside the Windows ecosystem, and it's better than Ubuntu for almost everyone (exceptions apply of course). I would certainly use Ubuntu before I used Windows, but it doesn't hold a candle to macOS for convenience, software availability, and general usability.

If I DID want a PC, I wouldn't get one from them anyway. I'd get a nice sleek high-quality hardware design and then put Ubuntu on it. There are PC manufacturers that make nice hardware these days.

Comment Re:She's not charged for being a journalist (Score 1) 357

His argument for the riot charge is that she did not fairly (in his view) cover both sides and therefore was not engaged in journalism. You can judge for yourself by watching the video in question.

By that argument, FoxNews is guilty of inciting riots, as is MSNBC. That's not a reasonable standard.

Comment Re:abusive monopoly (Score 3, Interesting) 64

AT&T and big cables does nothing to upgrade their infrastructure until competitors appear, then they stall them through their paid politicians. If their competitors persists, they deploy their subpar upgrades and undercut the pricing of their competitors. If their competitors withdraws from the area, they jack up their pricing and screw over the consumer. If this isn't abuse of monopoly power, I don't know what is.

I don't know about that. Google fiber is technically in "Atlanta", but I live 40 miles north. There will likely NEVER be google fiber where I live, but I get Gigabit AT&T for $70/month. They ran the lines through our entire neighborhood last summer. I am sure it cost a lot to get it enabled, but because they're 20x faster than what I had before (Charter 60 Mbps) they're getting a lot of customers to help them recoup the cost.

Comment Re:Upgrade now for 25% less battery life! (Score 1) 132

Upgrade your MacBook now for 25% less battery life and a slower overall experience!

Maybe for you. I haven't noticed any difference at all. Honestly aside from the shared clipboard between my Mac and my phone (which is very cool) I barely even notice any differences at all.

Comment Edge is a bad browser (Score 1) 132

Do people thing that battery efficiency is the primary factor in picking a browser? I've honestly never, ever heard anyone in the real world suggest that.

Edge is kludgy to use. It doesn't share bookmarks with my Mac or my iPad or my Android Phone. The "extension" story is all but nonexistent (there appear to be a total of 13 of them). In return, what does it offer? Performance is about the same, and battery might be a little better according to the benchmarks.

When I am on my Windows 10 gaming machine, I use Chrome exclusively. I don't trust Google at all anymore, but at least I used to. Microsoft has never been worthy of trust.

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