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Submission + - The Power of Lazy Programming

snydeq writes: Whoever said working hard is a virtue never met a programmer, writes Peter Wayner in his roundup of tools and techniques that prove the power of lazy programming. 'Coders who ignore those “work hard, stay humble” inspirational wall signs often produce remarkable results, all because they are trying to avoid having to work too hard. The true geniuses find ways to do the absolute minimum by offloading their chores to the computer. After all, getting the computer to do the work is the real job of computer programmers.'

Comment Re:Keep us updated (Score 2) 104

It's a much bigger issue than Uber. Binding arbitration basically privatizes the legal system, setting it's own rules and locking you out from join a group of people (class action) to get redress against an organization. Class action suits have been a very effective way of enforcing the rights of the group where an individual does not have the resources to take the matter to court.

Comment Re:40 hour week is a myth (Score 5, Interesting) 193

Since I got as much done as when I worked 60+ hours, no one seemed to care.

All these comments are valid. I suspect that people would get as much done in a solid 30 hours of working than the do in 80 hours of burnout. There was time (70's 80's) where, because of striking coal miners causing power shortages, UK industries were forced to a 3-day work week. IIRC productivity in those 3 days was about 90% of the 5-day week. Whether that would have been sustainable we'll never know because once the strike was settled the week went back to 5 days.

Comment 40 hour week is a myth (Score 3, Insightful) 193

I'd go for this in a heartbeat, except that the 40 hour work week is a myth at Amazon (and most large US companies for exempt employees). I suspect that 30hrs would become just a couple of hours less than the full time (60-80 hour) employees for 75% salary. If it was really 30 hours, you could work 30 at Amazon, 30 at Microsoft and get 150% of your salary for working the same number of hours as "full time".

Comment Re:What political compromise looks like (Score 1) 445

This tax is a very small bone that was thrown to the taxi industry who wanted far more crippling regulation of their competition. The ride sharing companies won big in this law.

Actually the ride sharing companies should be celebrating the requirement to pay taxes on the rides. Once you have the government hooked on the revenue you're generating they won't outlaw the service and so kill the money stream.

Comment Re:Hell No (Score 4, Funny) 290

The obvious solution is voice to text - which is available from most voice mail providers. So long as that can be made to work for voice notes all is well. That way you can get the 10 minute diatribe emailed to you so you can scan it for relevant information in 30 seconds. Maybe also email the mp3 for those 1 in 100 cases where I actually want to listen to the message.

To be fair, the person advocating this was a filmmaker, I can't think of an industry that more enjoys listening to the sounds of their own voice.

Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

It seems that a significant portion of Sanders supporters are not willing to vote for Clinton no matter what. They either don't vote or vote for Trump. But Clinton supporters, on the other hand, seem to be willing to vote for Sanders even if Clinton lost the nomination.

I think it's a broader problem than that. A huge number of people in the US don't vote. I would argue that's because there's no candidate that would make any difference to their life. Sick child with no health care? Minimum wage job? No Job (remember it's official US government policy to keep unemployment around 5% so that there's no upward pressure on wages)? Reasonable tax rates for corporations and wealth individuals to cover education, infrastructure, etc.?

This is essentially the Sander's platform and former non-voters have been coming out to support it. Sander's has done well in any state with an open primary, and not so well in states where you had to specify well in advance that you wanted to participate in this particular lizard contest.

I contend that the vast majority of the non-voters are just not interested in spending their time when the outcome is, in their life-circle, the status quo. Whether there would be any change with ANY candidate is open for discussion, but clear the new Sander's voters feel it would be the case.

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