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Comment I can't even tell them my password (Score 1) 651

Apart of some very often used sites where I have to enter my user details every time I access them (like my webmail my computer at home and at work) I can't even tell you my password because I don't remember it. I have to write my passwords down in a file and look them up every time I have to use them. That goes for my Facebook profile (which is logged in on my home computer but I can't access it at work because I don't remember the password) to virtually every webshop I ever bought something and online newspapers.
So, are they really going to deny me entry if I genuinely don't know the password?

USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave? I don't think so. The land of the opressed and the home of the frightend.

Comment Re:This is an automatic process (Score 1) 159

I do see a general trend in that direction, and that worries me also. Forget about puritan America (that is a lost cause anyway), I see similar trends in Europe. Morals were definitely a lot looser in the 70's, both in Europe and the US. A number of countries in the Middle East have already suffered this trend.

Comment Re:This is an automatic process (Score 1) 159

I am torn over this issue. As a conservative, I do think the prevalence of pornography and the accessibility of these images is harmful to society on the whole.

As a conservative myself, I yearn for the good-old-days back in the seventies when you could buy Playboy at the magazine rack of your local supermarket, streakers would crash sporting events, and you didn't get put on sexual predator registries for life and banned from ever living near schools or parks just for taking a piss in public.

I guess there are 1970's conservatives and 1940's conservatives. :D

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

They take a while to charge? Do you even own a TESLA? It takes ~15m if you're higher than 25% battery. It's 20m if it's dead flat. Incidentally, if you time it you'll probably find the whole process of filling your car with gas takes ~10-15m.

20 minutes to charge from an empty battery? Have there been significant improvements in charging rates recently? All available videos about Tesla charging on youtube show 1 hour+ times for a complete charge. Tesla themselves say it will take 80 minutes. The maximum a supercharger will give you is some 120 kW, and that will only happen on an empty battery, so the quickest you could charge a 60 kW Tesla is 30 minutes, a 100 kW Tesla would need a minimum of 50 minutes. And I have mentioned that 120 kW only happens on an empty battery so real life charging times will be like Tesla states: about 80 minutes for a full charge.
Not 20.
Do you even own a Tesla or have you ever taken an interest in or read about the technology?

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

I agree that they tend to box you into your own little echo chamber if you let them, but I am frequently annoyed and even somewhat offended by what people sometimes post on my FB.

Then don't let people post on your FB. Even though the principle is no different then sending you offending letters, on FB I believe you can at least block people from posting on your page.
But in principle: you don't get it, do you? This is not about recognizing that this is a historic picture, this is about the fact that if this was a current newspicture, it would be censored by Facebook. Facebook would ignore it, deny it, say this never happened. And therefore American attacts on Vietnamese villages never happened.
Do you get it now? That is wat censorship does. Any censorship. It rewrites history to suit the storytellers. Facebook / Marc Zuckerberg = Carver Media Group Network / Elliot Carver.

Comment Not cool? Since when? (Score 1) 235

Looking at the rampant gun-ownership in the States, it seems to me that a lot of people do think guns are cool. Last saturday there was an incident in the Netherlands where a suspected gunman wearing a balaclava was spotted on the beach. It turned out to be a 15 year old German kid who was walking around with a (legal in Germany not legal in the Netherlands) fake steel lookalike automatic rifle.
15 years old. Almost suicide by cop. Way cool man.

Comment No one is asking for this (Score 1) 595

6. No one is asking for this.

Really? I refer to the first argument:
1. Digital audio means DRM audio

Sure, no users are asking for this, but do you make a phone for the users or to make money?
If the reason was waterproofing then there are analog options too. There is no reason whatsoever a Lightning connector could not transfer analog signals.

Comment Re:tanstafl (Score 1) 228

Of course.
And in the olden days of the beginnings of the Model S, the S60 did not have free supercharging either. It was a (I believe) € 5.000 option in Europe. For which you could drive at least 125.000 km. But economics of scale say it is better to bundle it with the first cars you sell. I'm sure the free use of the supercharger is somewhere in the cost of a Model S of a Model X you buy now.
I hope they also make an option that buys you the use of the supercharger and charges you for every kWh you use.

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