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Comment Make everything pay per view (Score 1) 198

Set it up so that each hour watched costs $1.00. To avoid being charged ridiculously high fees, make it so that you have to confirm you're watching each time the program switches over, or make it confirm every hour that you're still watching. This gets rid of the issue of worrying about what channels you do or don't subscribe to... because you won't need a subscription!

Submission + - Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes witheld bad news from employees (

An anonymous reader writes: "At a presentation to Theranos Inc. employees last month, Elizabeth Holmes displayed a slide saying the company had developed 304 tests using small volumes of blood, according to an attendee. Left unsaid: Most of those experiments hadn’t progressed beyond laboratory research, according to the attendee." In another instance of how Holmes has tried to reframe bad news, Holmes told the WSJ that its withdrawal of nanotainer blood tests from commercial use was entirely voluntary, however FDA records obtained by the WSJ indicate the withdrawal was ordered by the FDA. This pattern of selective disclosure and misinformation has caused employees' trust in the company to fade.

FYI, the article is behind WSJ's paywall. The article can be read by doing a google search of the title and then clicking search result.

Submission + - SPAM: The crab nebula's heartbeat, as seen by Hubble and Chandra

StartsWithABang writes: Nearly 1,000 years ago, in 1054, a massive star in the constellation of Taurus, invisible at some 6,500 light years away, exploded in a type II supernova. Today, its remnant measures 10 light years across, while its inner core has a rapidly spinning neutron star that rotates in a mere 30 milliseconds. Hubble and Chandra not only reveal the nebular structure, but also show the inner, pulsing region, revealing matter accelerated by electrons moving at nearly the speed of light. It's a beautiful show unlike anything we've ever seen.

Submission + - More TSA Security Theater - Slamming the Face of a Disabled Cancer Patient ( 1

Kobun writes: From the Guardian: "A disabled teenage cancer patient was injured during a violent arrest by security agents at Memphis international airport, her family has alleged in a lawsuit filed against the Transport Security Administration." A disabled and confused brain cancer survivor doesn't immediately comply with TSA officers, earning her face a violent meeting with the ground and a night in jail. The TSA has yet to provide a non-answer or statement.

Submission + - Open source generated music visualisations of 48 preludes and fugues by Bach

rDouglass writes: Stephen Malinowski loves creating visualisation videos of classical music so much he created his own open source software, the Music Animation Machine, to do the job. The idea for the software started in 1974 with a hallucination, and since that time he's been refining it and, since the advent of YouTube, posting the results online.

Now he's completed an epic 48 video set of visualisations to the "Open Well-Tempered Clavier", a public domain music project by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, and the results are spectacular. These are not cold, mathematical renderings (though there is a ton of mathematics involved in creating them — his blog mentions terms like Voronoi tessellation). These are artworks that bely an uncanny understanding and love for the underlying musical structures in Bach's music. It is Stephen's deep comprehension of contrapuntal music and fugues that makes these videos compelling musical / visual experiences.

Press release:
See the whole playlist here:

Submission + - Mozilla starts an official blog for Firefox Nightly (

LichtSpektren writes: Mozilla has started an official blog for the Nightly release of the Firefox web browser. For those not in the know, the Nightly update track is three releases ahead of the stable, two ahead of the beta, and one ahead of the Developer Edition. Presumably this blog will be used primarily for technical discussions and previews, whereas The Mozilla Blog is a more general site also encompassing politics, trivia, and personnel.

Submission + - SPAM: What sets Red Hat apart from the Valley

dmleonard618 writes: North Carolina isn’t the only thing setting Red Hat apart from the crowd; proper software development and growth begins at the budget. The company recently announced plans to purchase API management provider 3scale, but that is just one of the many decisions it has made over the year. Over the past 10 years Red Hat has purchased JBoss and Ansible. “It’s never a perfect situation, but it’s about the overall portfolio," said Frank Calderoni, CFO at Red Hat. “The acquisitions have really helped us. It wasn’t like we went into a new part of the business: It was an extension of what we were working on. I call them ‘technology tuck-ins.’"
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Don Eyles Shows Up at a Party with a Hardcopy of the Lunar Module Sourcecode (

szczys writes: It's surprising to bump into a NASA engineer, even moreso if they were one of the original software engineers for the Lunar Module used during the Apollo missions. That's what happened recently at a party held at the MIT Faculty club. Don Eyles even brought along an original hard copy of the Lunar Module source code of which he wrote about 2000 lines. He carries the green and white striped stack of paper around in its own suitcase and is happy to share some of his experiences, like working through error codes he wrote which Neil Armstrong faced during the final descent to the moon's surface.

Submission + - New Satana Ransomware Encrypts User Files and Master Boot Record (

itwbennett writes: Like the Petya ransomware that appeared in March, a new ransomware program for Windows machines, dubbed Satana, encrypts user files as well as the computer's master boot record (MBR), leaving devices unable to load the OS. But whereas Petya replaces the MBR in order to launch a custom boot loader that then encrypts the system's master file table (MFT), Satana replaces the MBR with its own code and stores an encrypted version of the original boot record so it can restore it later if the victim pays the ransom. 'This leaves the computer unbootable, but can be fixed more easily than if the MFT had also been encrypted,' says Lucian Constantin.

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