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Comment Re:This is awesome (Score 1) 269

I have no reason to think that 50GB of ROM couldn't be manufactured for around the $1 price point, I simply don't know (in small runs it's probably much more, which may be a problem).

I have no concept of the economics of ROM, and suspect (perhaps naively) that you don't either. But for flash memory, I see 32GB for $0.76 here (https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Bulk-micro-size-sd-card-32gb_60489692297.html). The economics of solid state are dramatically different than even a short time ago, and that's simply what I can find while quickly searching.

Definitely won't be as cheap as a mastered BluRay, but getting close enough that it's not an insane prospect to have the other advantages of solid state (no need to "install" games that still require disk swapping to play, and 500GB is pretty small when you point out that games use 10s of GB each.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 269

You had to blow the connectors because of oxidation (different metal types) and springy bits.

The top loading Nintendo, and the Super Nintendo, and Genesis did not suffer from said issues.

Nor do the metal contacts on nearly any other device I've used (electrical outlets, USB, Firewire, Parallel ports, HDMI etc,).

Comment Re:Good, but... (Score 1) 90

or ten shows that different 10%s want to watch.

That was HBOs model, not to make shows with broad appeal, but to make shows that had narrower "must see" appeal.

The Sapranos (picked because I'm going with guessing it was the most watched premium show) had half the viewers as The Big Bang Theory, but people paid to watch it, while The Big Bang Theory would much easier be substituted for another random comedy by its fans (I suspect), but it has double the viewers. Both the Sapranos and Sex in the City had limited appeal, but to those that they appealed to, they were must watch.

Netflix isn't trying to be NBC, it's trying to be HBO, the shift to original content is part of that.

Comment Re: This is why I'm no longer in tech. (Score 1) 200

Yeah, it's a solved issue for a drip coffee maker, I still don't think it handles the instance of a kettle.

Though, maybe a drip coffee maker with no grounds would be a good way to achieve the result of correct temperature hot water when I walk downstairs.

I'd rather have smart lights (or a second switch next to my bed), but I can definitely see a (small) value in being able to tell my kettle when to start from any room in the house. Especially the bedroom.

It'd mean coffee four minutes earlier in the morning.

Comment Re: This is why I'm no longer in tech. (Score 1) 200

For coffee it's cool to just set the time, because if it sits for some time it's no biggie, but for tea (or if you use a French Press or Aero Press), where the kettle will eventually become cool, and need to be reheated.

I'm not trying to claim it's some earth shattering breakthrough, but having a kettle of perfect temp water when I walk down stairs is exactly the type of mild convenience I would hope IoT provides 1000 different little ways a day.

Do I need it? no. Will it mildly improve the quality of my life? yes.

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