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Comment Re: The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 2) 74

This is the part where I think there is a massive disconnect between technologists and the layman. The layman, even when it's explained to them the privacy implications of a system, they simply do not care.

"I know, but I want the service"
"I'm not that important"
"Well how else is service supposed to work?"

I could go on, but I think you get the point. My uncle had his identity stolen because facebook, he has some money, and it took 6 months to sort out. He's still on facebook... MS just wants to cash in on what Google, Apple, and Facebook already are, and whose behavior has been already normalized, it's just not true for MS yet, but a couple years and I think it will be.

Comment Re:Maybe train the American kid first (Score 1) 660

I have, and that's unfortunate that a lot of people can't won't learn it correctly. I have a more than good enough grasp in middle school, and any English classes after that were a complete waste of time. You shouldn't need to study a language you speak for 12 years, it's just absurd.

Comment Re:Maybe train the American kid first (Score 1) 660

I agree and it's why I am kinda meh about some of my kids grades in some his classes. He is going into trades, good for him, so I tell him not to worry too much about english and lit stuff, certainly try and pass, but don't worry about the grade or even really retention that much, as long as he gets the general ideas and learns the lessons from them, then good. I still don't get the teaching of English for so many years, I mean he speaks the damn language properly, and has since middle school. To me that is tons of wasted time that could be spent learning things more relevant to fixing elevators.

Comment Re:Dear Microsoft (Score 1) 171

That's a lot of extra support as well. They have to have ANOTHER fork that has to be maintained, tested, etc. Another fork of the insider program as well. What do they get in return? laypeople stopped listening to the tech savvy years ago so that's not really good for them. Those users with this crippled version aren't going to be buying apps in the store either, or any media, etc. It's a market no one wants because those types of people tend to be cheap or pirates anyway. I am one so I would know.

Comment Re:Keeping up with the Macs (Score 1) 313

Point 1, their problem, not mine. If they don't want to change from their philosophy based "free" paradigm then they never have to, but they'll never "win" the desktop. The only way this happens is with ad and marketing dollars, full stop. How they get to that point is their issue to solve.

Point 2, It is a serious issue, whether or not it is for you is another matter. but I know better than to even try to get my girlfriend to use win32 outlook, when the much simpler UWP mail client is available. She knew how to use that in seconds, traditional outlook, she would need a manual and all the controls for things she will never do were just in the way. I don't understand why power users cannot grasp that they are a TINY portion of the market, an that the money, and mindshare, is making stuff that's more grandma friendly and simplified with just core features. So yes, it's a serious issues if you are trying to get people to switch, if you aren't, as distro makers have made abundantly clear for 15+ years, then I guess it's a non issue.

We just ditched an old web front end for time clock management, from a 2005 era one to something from current year. The techs tell me there are almost no time clock related calls now. There used to be all sorts of buttons for things like audit time, check this, check that other thing, etc. They removed all that and just left IN, OUT, LUNCH. The auditors and all have a separate page for all the complication. Calls dropped 90% for issues with that system.

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