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Comment Re:Touch screen (Score 1) 335

I don't mind them adding the touch bar. It looks like they've nailed the deep integration in a way that Apple is pretty good at doing. What I could not believe is that that was it. I literally sat there after the show was over half expecting them to do the "one more thing" bit to show us why they even bothered with the press conference. Such a minor, gimmicky feature doesn't stretch very well to take up as much time as they talked about it.

Comment I don't think you can compare the two. (Score 2) 230

Apple of 2001 made computers.
Apple of 2016 makes phones. The fact that they're now making fewer phones just means the phone market is maturing as the computer market matured. The real question can the revolutionize yet another industry? Steve Jobs? Perhaps. He was smarter than me so maybe he could've come up with something.

Not an Apple fan in general but now I feel a bit sad.

Comment Re:No one wants your telemetry (Score 1) 151

The problem is that from a business perspective they've not failed. Far from it. They just executed the most successful OS rollout of any OS is history. In only a few months more people were running Win10 than OSX and Linux combined. It overtook XP quickly too which was key. Eventually people will realize that telemetry is built into the fabric of the framework that makes up the machinery of our entire society. Your phone, your credit cards, probably even your car track aspects of your behavior. That's not intended to encourage you to stop complaining. I'm all for complaining about things I don't like but it does seem to be the reality of the situation and I don't think there's much anyone can do about it. Sure, I could start using Linux but all things considered it just doesn't seem worth the trouble.

Comment Re: Let the bitchfest commence (Score 0) 156

Describing the collection of anonymized data as spyware is dishonest and false for two reasons. First, it's anonymous so it can't be used to spy on anyone. Second, they are not hiding that they collect it; normally if you are spying on someone you don't tell them.

Aside from that it's just an overblow worry. People who have this concern typically have no problem using a smartphone or google products. They just use it as a flimsy prop for their anti-ms bias.

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