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Comment Re:Incorrect! (Score 1) 382

no, its not a false equivalency. the christian violence problem may have earlier with things like the crusades and inquisitions but movements/advancements like the Enlightenment and science helped quell the christian nonsense. The crusaders way the crusaders acted cold be seen as the model for ISIS idiots. Post crusades the christian nonsense was driven by the "normal" god- fearing person whereas the current violent islam problem is being done by extremists who are basically gangsters using the religion as an excuse.

"Christians do not kill apostates nor tax/enslave non-Christians, nor throw homosexuals off rooftops or stone women to death who were raped." - yeah, right, they never burnt or drowned witches or anything like that, people were never stoned to death even though its an instruction in the bible, people were never enslaved, check how the cathars were treated in france, .

anyway its off topic

Comment Re:Human nature and fission (Score 1) 382

that fear is no longer as real as it used to be but still affects some people. the main concern is how you safely decommission a nuclear power plant (using chernobyl and fukishima as examples) and just how much it costs to both commission and decommission.

Comment Re:Choose your power source (Score 2) 382

"Switch everyone to electric cars overnight and there won't be enough grid capacity to handle the additional load." -you don't believe in realistic target do you. but i can make the unrealistic same claim to destroy yours.

"Give everyone solar panels and battery storage overnight and there will be enough grid capacity to handle the additional load."

Comment Re:Incorrect! (Score 0) 382

"Money should not go to the Saudis" - agreed but so more reason to get renewable home grown power.
"they spend billions in spreading their religious zeal to mosques around the world" - not unlike all the missionaries the catholics sent around the world to indoctrinate

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