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Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 1) 243

Yes, but the main spillway is not eroding "uphill". I stand by my statement that the damage to the main spillway does not affect how fast they can release water from the reservoir. All the damage is occurring below the initial breach. Water flows down the concrete and is projected beyond the end preserving the bedrock support for the remainder of the spillway. Flow was kept at 100,000 cfs for days, and all the erosion occurred downslope from the initial breach. They could increase the flow all the way up to capacity, without compromising the integrity of the dam. The emergency spillway is another matter entirely. All efforts should be made to keep levels below 901 feet where the emergency spillway comes into play. The bedrock below the emergency spillway is not stable, and erosion there could very well affect the integrity of the dam.

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