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Comment Re:No justification of stock price (Score 1) 132

"No, the ONLY reason Tesla's stock remains high is because people are playing a game of "who's the greater fool" buying high in the hopes it will go higher."

I remember many people making these arguments about Apple when they were around $90 in the mid-noughties.

Since then AAPL split x14, so are now worth about 1800% of what they were then.

Comment Re:Creating interactive fiction to learn programmi (Score 1) 25

Inform 7 was specifically designed to be more friendly to writers rather than programmers, in an attempt to get more writers and their ideas and skills into the field.

Anyone who wants something more akin to a traditional programming language can use Inform 6.

Unfortunately I can't give you an example of that because of Slashdot/s lameness filter, but it's completely different to Inform 7.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

In theory, no. You step outside the venue if you want/need to use the phone. This is not a problem. 20 years ago the majority of people didn't even possess cellphones. It's not the essential to life that young people think it is.

In practice, the cases look to be neoprene, presumably with some reinforcement. If you were really determined to get your phone out I'm sure you could, and the cost of wrecking the case.

Comment Re:Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 552

People get searched for clubs and concerts all the time. You can refuse, but you won't get in if you do.

If you really wanted to smuggle a phone in, you'd take two phones. But then try to use it, and you're the odd one out with the phone everyone knows you're not supposed to have, and security may come get you.

Most people are reasonable enough to understand a no-phones policy, but many don't have the self-discipline to then leave the phone alone once in a venue. It's these people that it works for.

Comment Re:Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 552

In the UK, several Labour politicians have been embarrassed by phone footage of speeches given to groups of far left activists. For example, the shadow chancellor was recently revealed as celebrating the Great Recession in 2008 as something that he had been waiting years for in his fight to overthrow capitalism. And phone footage of Momentum meetings has shown activists scheming to have moderate politicians deselected (essentially removed from office for those not familiar with UK politics). There has definitely been a backlash in the polls against these revelations.

None of which is true.

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