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Comment Re: Exactly how was the study done? (Score 1) 167

Autopilot can be active at any time. It's especially good in heavy traffic. Works well on two lane roads as well as highways.

I said it was only really designed for highways. Not that it can't do other roads.

They compared accidents driving with AP ON vs AP OFF.

You are completely wrong. Consult the report. They compared cars without AP installed vs those with it installed. Using the data for cars with AP installed, regardless of whether it was active or not.

Comment Re:What other factors could be in play? (Score 0) 167

You don't win an argument by claiming the other side is confused. I have actually consulted the original document so I know EXACTLY what they measured.

You claim "the earlier time period where more people were abusing the system". Yet they can't have been abusing a system that they didn't have because it was not installed.

Again, the NHTSA know what they are doing with automobile safety statistics. You, have less information and less ability.

Comment Re: Exactly how was the study done? (Score 1) 167

No they didn't. The statistics cover Teslas without autopilot vs Teslas with autopilot. The second group including all miles, whether or not autopilot was actually engaged. This is because:

a) Some of the safety features of autopilot are on all the time even when the full autopilot isn't engaged.

b) If they did what you suggest, they'd be comparing mostly urban travel vs mostly highway travel. As autopilot is only really designed for the highway at this stage.

Comment Re:What other factors could be in play? (Score 1) 167

The 40% reduction is of all Teslas that have Autopilot enabled. Right from the first day. And it covers all miles, whether autopilot was enabled or not. (Several of the safety features of autopilot are always on.)

So to answer your question, change of driver behaviour having heard of autopilot crashes could not possibly have affected the statistic, no.

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