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Comment Re:Space Tourism (Score 1) 64

Well, a few have paid in the past...

Of course, at $20 Mi a pop, it's not for everyone. But plenty can "afford" that amount now:

"According to the Forbes report released in March 2015, there are currently 1,826 U.S. dollar billionaires worldwide, from 66 countries, with a combined net worth of $7.05 trillion..."

But yeah, even assuming an optimistic 10% take-up, that's still less than 200 potential clients...still, even a 100 would net a handy $2 Bn for the program

Comment The "telescreen" is finally here (Score 2) 91

A bit later than 1984, but we finally got there.

Who'd have thought it? Not content with letting pretty much anyone (including criminals) read their mail, track their movements with CCTV, spoofed phones and car license plate readers etc, the citizenry are actually buying them and installing this crap themselves!
That's right, apparently it's just too hard to stream music or adjust a thermostat by hand; you now have to install a device that is always on, always listening in order to whistle up a recipe or get the sports. They must be mad.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 244

I've tried a Tesla; indeed a great car.
But I'll be sticking with my CL55 AMG that I bought second-hand for less than $10000 - it drives like new.
It's just a better car in every way*, and I don't have to suffer from "range anxiety".

*Use the max performance in a Tesla and the range just evaporates...OK it does in the Mercedes too, but finding a gas station is easy, and filling the tank is fast.

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