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Comment Re: Programming languages (Score 1) 301

By definition, that's impossible. Natural language is too ambiguous, so cannot specify a computer program of useful complexity. Programming has to know what you really want, handle edge cases, handle errors, etc. By the time you have put all the requirements into a form that is useful, you've created a programming language. That's not to say that what they are doing is not useful, since DSLs are really useful and inferring some of the rest is helpful. If you can translate DSL into an existing (or new) programming language, and then have the computer identify what the edge cases / failure mechanisms are and provide ways to handle them, then you've made programming better. Much of modern computer programming consists of converting the user's requirements into a little bit of custom code, putting it in a framework, and adding whatever code snippets from StackOverflow you need to handle your problem.

Comment Re:Charge? (Score 1) 382

Actually, buses DO clock a lot of miles/kilometers. .... That's 150mi in a single day. For a single bus.

Apparently we disagree about what a lot of miles is. An 18-wheeler will do, say, 8 hours at 70 mph; that's a long way. 150mi is something that a current electric car can do. A bus can have a higher percentage of it's mass devoted to the batteries. So, range is no problem whatsoever in this scenario (looping). A long range run could easily be too far, but that's not most of them.

Yes, the battery will weigh more than a engine + fuel. You'd have to do the math to determine if it is favorable, if you include efficiency, cost of electrical, maintenance, cost of gas, regen, etc.

Comment Re: Remember kids! (Score 1) 406

The casinos know who has problems, just like they know they tamper with the air to make people feel more euphoric

How do they tamper with the air? Do they increase the level of oxygen? That's insidious! It would also make cigarettes burn faster, assuming people were allowed to smoke indoors.

Only, people are allowed to smoke indoors, as long as it is in a casino. See http://www.riverfronttimes.com... for example. (Note: not true of all locations and casinos; however, in general, casinos are able to carve out special exemptions for themselves.)

Comment Re:GitHub? SourceForge? Other? (Score 1) 225

I interview people and help hire them for my projects (technical lead, not hiring manager). I would prefer github. 1. It means that you're more 'up to date'; 2. it's just easier to use. Honestly though, don't put your software links on your resume unless it is _good_. Having a crappy piece of software on there is concerning, since then you are advertising crap, and you clearly are proud of your crap. Don't want that. You have a reasonable readme for it, it has to build with a script, has to have code comments, be well organized, not have a zillion issues.

You want to impress a developer? Point out where you contributed to a team effort. Find a feature request in a known open source project and implement it, and have it accepted. Or fix a bug, and make a pull request. Then, be able to explain why it fit into the overall effort. If you do that, someone will think to themselves, 'hey, this person makes something other people think is worthwhile, and they worked in a group, and solved a real problem.'

Comment Re: Build your own software, asshole (Score 1) 225

Multiple companies work by providing free software, advertise that they produce it, provide services for it, etc. For example, cmake is produced, supported, and advertised by Kitware (see: https://cmake.org/). It's great advertising for them. (Note, I am not associated with Kitware, but I know some of the developers.)

There is a possible a business model for a company to create the software that the person wants and release it for free and use that to advertise their services. And there is a distinct possibility that the person has come up with an idea that the company has not and would be interested in. So, how would that person make the idea known to companies looking for ideas?

Comment Re: So (Score 1) 215

I do wonder if he actually released the videos if he'd have a better case. Put up a crappy web site, with the videos, etc. Making the claim that the business was owned by someone else, claiming business contacts, etc. is fraud, but becoming a pornographer is pretty trivial. If this guy was so far into it as he is accused of, it seems like he would only have to go a little further to make it semi-legit.

Comment Re:Rape by fraud? (Score 1) 215

gotta love idiots like you. you contradict someone's claim and post a link defending their claim.

The claim was that there is no such things a fraudulent sex (or 'rape by fraud'). The link indicates that there wasn't, but that the law was changed that made it illegal. The article says: 'The decision angered victims advocates and state lawmakers, who changed the archaic law in September 2013 to protect "unmarried women who are defrauded into having sex with a person," the district attorney's office said.'

Comment Re:Never saw the point of github (Score 4, Insightful) 227

It's a very convenient place to put your code to share with others, since everybody knows about it, has an account, and trusts it not to screw over the developer too hard. Sourceforge is not trustworthy and running my own is a pain in the ass. Just throw it up on github, publish the URL, and everybody gets to use it. If they do start screwing people over, they will move just like people moved away from sourceforge.

Comment Re: Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 1) 412

So do the vast majority of NSA employees, as in every government bureaucracy. the only ones that can make policy are the high-level political appointees. The rest are the people that have to carry out the policies, as best they can. If you can only follow orders, why not be paid a large amount of money rather than a small amount of money?

Comment Re: Don't worry (Score 1) 436

No, the jobs of bank tellers has dropped dramatically with the rise of the ATM. The number of cashiers in grocery stores / Home Depot has already started dropping due to self-checkout. The price of automation continues to drop, and so if a job can be automated it will. If the minimum wage is $15, it will be replaced sooner than if the wage is $10, but the only difference is just a little more time. Sure, there will still be the occasional bank teller, cashier, just as there is currently the occasional farmer and factory worker, but the number of jobs available will be small compared to now.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 436

So, it doesn't work for you. What if you were paid a reasonable amount? what if you could set it so that only riders with 4.9/5.0 for cleanliness could ride in it? Either the business model is going to work (using other people's cars) or not, and that depends on the flexiblity / price / benefits. And if it doesn't work with Uber, the try Lyft, or one of the other competitors that is going to pop up.

Comment Re: "Feel forced?" (Score 1) 436

I haven't seen evidence that Uber is bad for everyone. Having been in places (NYC, boston, Orlando, New Orleans) that have significant Uber and taxi services, the uber service is cheaper and easier. So, certainly better for me. Talking to the uber and taxi drivers, the uber drivers are considerably happier doing what they are doing. Taxi drivers hate uber drivers, that's true, but they also hate the companies that they are working for and hate the medallion fees they have to pay.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 436

In this case taxi companies are clearly paying their drivers more and treating them better. When making a decision like this, I look solely at how the people with the least bargaining power get treated, and taxis are clearly ahead of Uber in that regard.

Clearly paying more? Where? I haven't seen evidence of this generally. What I have seen is that it depends greatly upon the cost of medallions, the presence or absence of competition, local regulations, etc. I have not seen that taxi drivers have any more bargaining power than uber drivers. at least Uber drivers can do Lyft or one of the other services at the drop of a hat.

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