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Comment Re: All of this has happened before... (Score 1) 280

But those sales wouldn't be in addition to their existing high end processors, they would be instead of, plus with a $3000 price tag the sales would be low and economies of scale wouldn't kick in so the production cost would remain high too.
Their existing designs are well tried and tested, R&D costs are low and the fabrication process has been refined sufficiently to have very high yields so the margins are very good. There really is no incentive to sell anything significantly better unless forced to by competition.

The Alpha processor used to be what you describe - massively faster than anything else, but highly expensive. They remained an expensive niche for people who needed the highest performance at any cost.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 1) 512

Except that the supposed purpose of doing physical searching was to prevent you bringing illegal or dangerous physical items such as drugs or explosives.

Your phone is a physical item, but it's also a perfectly legal item that you have every right to own and carry with you. In some cases (eg note 7) phones could become explosive, but that's irrespective of what data is stored on them. There are only a limited number of ways that physical items can be brought in or out of a country, and all of these are monitored in one form of another.

The data on the other hand poses no immediate threat to the airport or the aircraft, and there are so many other ways you could bring data into the country. Anyone who actually has any criminal intent is not going to keep such data on their phone as they travel, they will travel with a clean phone and download their data again after they have landed.
Viewing the data on someone's personal device is a massive invasion of privacy, as well as putting them at risk of violating their employer's data protection policy (see the recent NASA story).

Comment Re:It's a pain because recovery has to be an optio (Score 1) 216

Computers *ARE* for the experts, that's one of the biggest problems these days... Despite various attempts and all kinds of false marketing, current operating systems are simply not suitable for end users (you cite linux as an example, but windows and osx are no better either). They are designed for experts, and should be used by experts. It's one thing when you have a system configured and managed by an IT department, but quite another expecting a user to manage such a system themselves.

Users are better off with a simpler system like a games console or an ipad.

Comment Re: that's becasue PGP is terrible (Score 2) 216

And that's somehow worse than the even longer list of people who have the capability to read or modify an unencrypted plain text email? If you're concerned and sufficiently tech savvy you can verify the certificate yourself just like you can do with an HTTPS website.

The CA system is broken, but it's better than nothing.

Comment Re:Know your demographic (Score 1) 186

Only that assumes paying the asking price is all you need to do, which often isn't the case...

Media is often available from different places (eg music streaming services having exclusive deals) which makes it inconvenient as you'd need multiple subscriptions...
Media is often available only on certain devices, which you may not have or be able to easily obtain.
Media availability often varies in different locations, with artificial barriers making it more difficult for you to buy it from an area where it's more readily available. There are various shows and movies i would like to watch but my choices are either flying halfway across the world or pirating.
I may want to do something which is perfectly legal with the media, but which is made difficult by whatever ridiculous drm scheme they're using.

The media companies add all those hoops themselves, the pirate version is often easier. And you're right, the more hoops the media companies keep adding the more people will choose to pirate instead.

Comment Re:Gonna watch this one. (Score 1) 105

In the UK, it comes down to "intent"...
If you are selling something, what are you intending it to be used for?

If you are advertising your kodi box as being able to play pirated content, and providing it with the plugins preinstalled or instructions to do so then you are intending it to be used to view pirated content which is illegal.
If you are just selling a box running a stock install of kodi and not mentioning that plugins offering illegal content are available, then your doing nothing wrong.

Same if you're selling knives... If you sell a set of kitchen knives which you advertise as great for cookery then that's fine, if you sell a set of knives which you advertise are great for murdering people then that's illegal.

Comment Re:Sounds nefarious (Score 2) 87

More importantly, sanctions don't hurt the dictators, they hurt the people..
Decreased trade impacts the people, while those in power continue their black market trading, and reduced communication makes it easier for such regimes to control the flow of information to the people.
If anything, increased trade and closer relations with such governments would be far more effective.

Comment Re:Skype is dead to me due to birthdate demand (Score 1) 113

What's to stop you entering random data?
I have a skype account purely for communicating with a few colleagues, a few days ago i got a bunch of happy birthday messages from them although it wasnt my birthday. Turns out that skype notified them based on the date i had entered.

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