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Comment Re: More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 160

So I can create conclusions based on bias hypothesis with no experiments?

How is that reality? Proof that 58% of species decline is caused by climate zones changing too quickly? Prove that each time there is a flood it MUST be climate change? I am sick of the bias!

It just adds ammo to the denialists otherwise.

Human activity we can prove. So less kids means less problems.

Comment More condoms less climate change (Score -1, Troll) 160

I am sick and tired of climate change being mentioned in every story with no evidence to back it up?

To me the solution to most problems is simple ... Less people!

Why don't we give out condoms to lesser countries and give tax incentives in wealthier ones? Face it. The reason for habit loss is economic as people need housing, food, and cheap products that produce toxins. Immigration problems wouldn't be an issue if Latin Americans and Africans could find work at livable wages. When over supply of labor hits you get a dump on demand.

When housing and food prices stabilize you get less demand to clear wooded areas for more subdivisions in former wooded areas. We as citizens get less air pollution and plastics in our seas too and more affordable housing and less out of work and migrant workers draining our resources. We all benefit.

It is 2016 and no family should have 1 or 2 kids each!

Comment Re:GPU? (Score 1) 189

I am also disappointed it has no USB type C or Thunderbolt considering the cheapest model is nearly $3000!

All the new phones starting with the Nexus 6P all use this interface for fast charging and file transfer. I could see or not care if this was a $1600 device, but for $3,000 it should come with top end graphics and I/O ports

Comment Re: No you don't (Score 1) 243

But how often do they upgrade?

I heard same argument for mainframes. Sure I heard they exist but I have never seen one before because hardly anyone uses them today.

The PC is dying. Just because it is not dead yet doesn't mean it's on decline. Millennials can use an iPad with office fine for most office tasks and their phones and use a cloud. The pc is niching

Comment Re: No you don't (Score 1) 243

Anyone born in the 20th century knows the grandparent is idiotic as of course I don't see green screen dumb terminals hooked to a massive mainframe for basic word processing.

Yes offices did this as mainframes were real systems. Not toys for serious WordPerfect use.

Opterons? Huh. IBM 370 mainframes didnt run these and modern mainframes don't run on Xeons or opterons either.

Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 286

So hairy you want MS html, MS Css, things that only work on win32, etc?

Bill Gates is what caused MS to focus on being proprietary and monopolistic! He was the one who broke ASCII so you needed dos2unix and unix2dos on purpose to make porting hard. He made Sco Xenix broken so it would be harder to port apps to solaris and irix.

You may hate the new CEO but he is open sourcing things, supporting Freebsd and Linux to azure, porting PowerShell to Linux and Ubuntu to Windows, creating ms code editor to Linux and Mac OSx, and Android and mono development to visual studio 2015.

Bill Gates would reverse this.

Personally MS is making much better applications. Windows is the only issue based on 2 things which a QA team and less spyware can fix. Keep in mind your phone and Browser do the same things. If MS needs to fund this they should sell different versions

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