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Comment Re:Will a PowerWall allow fast charging? (Score 1) 48

Tesla should come up with a rapid-battery-swap technology, so that on alternating days you use the battery that isn't being charged.

Now, that's a lot more expensive than just having your customers burn out their 'powerwall' battery bank quickly by fast charging from it each night. But it's more practical and efficient in the long run.

Comment Re:Tesla shoud do something... (Score 1) 48

The car is indirectly responsible for emissions, though.

And so Tesla should quit making 'zero emissions' vehicle claims.

There should be a big fat footnote after said 'claims,' which could help advocate for further reduced emissions in our electric generating capacity.

Otherwise they're just lying for purposes of hype and marketing.

Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 107

You can use off-the-shelf Android hardware without ever logging into Google on it. There are alternative app stores out there, including the big one Amazon hosts.

I am sure there is still plenty of Google survellience you are subjected to, but significantly less if you never, ever, log onto Google from your Android device.

Comment Re:Who to blame? (Score 0) 107

Yes, the 'true root' of the problem is 'capitalism' but individual employees within a company can still be held accountable and scorned by the community as a whole for their practices at the workplace.

Bernie's not going to save us. We'll have to save ourselves.

I am in the process of ditching my gmail account. There are commercial email providers where you can pay $30 for an account where you're not a farm animal in their field.

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