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Comment Re: Lack of talent my ass!!! (Score 1) 318

No, America is not 'lucky'with their oil. They just have the domestic freedom and the progressive culture to do something with the oil. Compare this to Saudi Arabia. S.A. represses their population outside of a small elite, and they just sell off their oil instead of using it.

America was definitely NOT the Saudi of the early 20th Century.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

NeXT was based on a Mach microkernel. Apple wantes some of the userland of a modern Unix to go with the NeXTStep carcass so they ported in some of the FreeBSD userland. They hired one of the lead FreeBSD developers because Apple didn't have native talent for a real, robust OS.

Before NeXTStep, they pissed away many millions on two in-house attempts at a next generation OS. They failed both times. Apple just isn't good at anything but the cosmetic top GUI layer. Their NIH culture always bites them; in the end they give up and buy in something from outside to rebrand.

This is all common knowledge that any nerd can explain anytime the fanboys aren't blathering and the marketing fucks aren't controlling the conversation by peppering in adjectives ('great', 'incredible', etc.)

Comment Re: Possibly good news (Score 2) 99

If this change ends some of the perpetual betas on Steam that eventually die on the vine it will be a good thing. To extend the metaphor, all the dead-end stubs of growth on the vine will eventually weigh it down and the whole vine will tumble to earth.

Customers need to have confidence in what they spend their dollars on. A long repeating history of perpetual betas that go nowhere actually hurts viable new startup projects by burning out the people who might buy into the project.

Comment Re: I'll do it cheaper. (Score 1) 68

I can drive over to Radio Shack tomorrow and get a soldering iron, if you insist. It's about a ten minute drive. Mind if I stop at the bank first and maybe to White Castle on the way for lunch?

The small midwestern town I live on the outskirts of does still have a Radio Shack. I can buy assorted parts and tools and stuff. They even stock Arduinos and Shields, though they're way overpriced.

Comment Re:Universities create high salaries in the market (Score 1) 412

Unfortunately, the Universities are deceptive, in that the main subject being taught is Pedagogy, yet all those pupils' degrees are in subjects matter they're tacitly encouraged to avoid, so as to do as well as possible on the "assignments, projects, tests, grades..."

80-98% of University Students should have their 'Major' defined as Pedagogy. The schools are producing brown-noses, and may as well be honest about it.

Comment Re:We are the bad guys (Score 1) 412

Hell -- the US created the banana republics!

Banana consumers created the banana republics.

Just like drug consumers create the hell-on-earth in border regions of Mexico.

How many more wars will the US start for oil?

Oil consumers produce the high demand for oil. The war Obama fanned the flames of in Syria, that precipitated the refugee crisis, was over a pipeline western interests want strung over Syrian land.

Comment Re:And THIS Is Why Trump Won! (Score 1) 165

FYI, the white voter is losing the demographic race; unless the GOP manages to continue their rather diligent voter suppression, several of the Solid South will be swing states in a decade.

FYI, Hispanics are not 'naturally leftist' and it's racist to make that kind of assumption. As the Hispanic demographic is welcomed into the fold of Americans (USians??) they will settle down and their natural conservatism will manifest. It already does in many regards.

Significant parts of the Hispanic demographic are 'culturally conservative.' Give them time to settle in and become part of the country, and they won't be the lockstep demographic the Democrats hope for.

Unless, of course, the Democrats can find a way to lock them into a 'ghetto of dependency.' I don't see that happening, but with enough screeching from those striving to 'protect' them, it is possible 'the liberals' can cause them to identify as victims who need to be rescued by the State.

Comment Re:Russia Hacked the GOP too (Score 1) 165

You can keep throwing fuel in the Hillary Fever fire if you wish. The flames will die out in a few weeks.

Prolong your pain, it's like wiggling that loose tooth to experience that mysteriously appealing little twinge of pain.

If you and your kind insist on fanning those flames, don't be surprised if you're pushed into the fire to fucking burn. Most of the rest of us will feel bad that it happened to you afterwards, but we won't let you burn down the whole place.

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