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Comment Re:Still playing catch-up (Score 0) 114

The real problem is that iOS tends to copy the shitty features of Android where as Android tends to take the good features from iOS.

The virtual buttons are a shitty feature. WTF is this obsessive need to get rid of physical buttons with tactile feedback? Its great that they can be changed, but I'd like to be able to do a few things without 100% attention to the screen constantly.

I'm a physical being. Not everything has to be software.

Benefits Annoyances

Comment Re:Dont Buy It (Score 0) 641

I'm sure daddy was creaming his pants and bragging to his buddies over the acceleration before this happened.


Then his daughter died. His perspective likely changed at that point.

Its okay, you can't even imagine how a father would feel until you are one. Even as one, its pretty hard to imagine what it must be like to lose a daughter.

I imagine he hs a lot different today than he was before the Tesla.

Comment Re:Still Not AI (Score -1) 62

Trying to figure out why we care that Facebook has just caught up to what Google has been doing for years . . . And is included as an example in AI libraries (Specifically Neuroph)

I don't know shit about AI but I could train the demo in a few minutes to find my boat in the thousands of photos in my collection.

Comment Re:We've seen this before... (Score -1) 55

The scary difference there is that Exodus actually had real assets worth something.

Snap has absolutely 0 value other than its customer list, which is worthless sense buying a customer list is pretty trivial these days. As has been shown before with these freebie services, the instant you try to make money, people leave. If there is any noticeable cost at all to these crappy little services, people aren't willing to pay.

Thats what happens when your target market is high school kids.

Comment Ban them from doing business (Score 0, Interesting) 69

In that area, take away all of their lines in the ground and nationalize them, make the infrastructure available to anyone.

When you, as a corporation intentionally defraud the public, you loose any infrastructure that supported that defrauding directly, and possible infrastructure that helped indirectly.

After a few of them lose an entire city like New York for some stupid bullshit like this, they'll change their bullshit tune.

Until they actually get punished, nothing is going to change.

Comment Re:Still optional (Score -1) 95

Who fucking cares if its optional or not.

The whole thing revolves around the principle of not supporting DRM, so if this bothers you, you're just an uppity obnoxious bastard looking for something to bitch about rather than real problems.

If DRM bothers you ... DON'T USE DRM'd CONTENT. Problem solved. The only thing this changes is that now you can't just tell that it's DRMd because it doesn't work after you've disabled it.

DRM is still optional, you STILL AREN'T REQUIRED to use it, the difference is now that you can't disable it then bitch that websites don't work as expected and blame the debs for some other reason.

No, the only problem here is that it requires you to actually DO SOMETHING and pay attention to what you're viewing so that you can be 'principled' rather than actually sitting on your ass and doing nothing while having the computer do all the effort of making a statement for you.

So basically, you and this entire thread are that guy who bitches about something and signs an Internet petition about it on change.org ... and thinks that you've done something to protest.

i.e. if you're whining about this change because 'omg DRM'd content', then you're a fucking idiot which has more times than brains and likes to pretend you're 'sticking it to the man'

If you wanted to come up with some bullshit about the security risk potential, you'd still be stupid but at least you'd be starting on a valid point rather than starting from a position that makes it clear you care more about whining about how you're wronged than doing something about it to affect change.

If you're not given the option to make a choice, you aren't being principled. Its pretty trivial to say no to something you never have the option to say yes to.

Comment Re:Speaking of starts... (Score -1) 58

You're looking for Pixelmator.

Its the photoshop that doesn't suck ass because Adobe stopped actually adding features before the CS moniker was added. Everything since then has just been shitty UI changes that suck ass and fluff.

Pixelmator uses all the nifty Mac features like CPU/GPU multithreading for things and Pixelmator didn't take 10 years before they made a version that didn't require OS X backwards compatibility.

And its like $30USD last I looked. Updated pretty frequently with actual new features, not just stupid UI changes for the sake of having a reason to make you pay for another copy/subscription

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