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Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 0) 504

Presidential records are highly important to congressional investigations and FOIA requests. They need to be curated and preserved, and encrypted and password protected and all of that. I can't prove they aren't, but such an investigation could show us the answers.

"No one cares" is simply not true. You may not, but you have to admit there are other people in the world. We want this phone secured, and shredded would be preferable. And we want his tax returns.

The very popular president has record low approval ratings, even by Rasmussen standards, precisely because of things like this. He has made enemies of the Judicial branch and Intelligence community. Picked an unnecessary fight with all press and even Fox members are objecting. And half of Congressional Republicans are at a minimum in a tough spot, and actively opposing a few of Trumps statements.

You have to think that maybe he might be doing something wrong if all those people already think that.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 307

Disgusted by all the alternative facts above. I have some VERY GOOD FRIENDS who have personally benefited from the health enhancing nature of radiation. Aka stuff from the SUN aka the natural energy God made for us people.

We can't live without the sun, yet radiation is bad? YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT. My friend would be very angry with you lieberal hippies. You wouldn't like him then.

I'll sign him up for one of those "ask person a question" things, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. You'll see, believe me. Believe me.

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

On a slow connection, yes. And especially if the images never load.

But more importantly, the data transfer should be about the same either way. So it won't be noticeably longer. But you will get more information, or faster, since you will see a complete image sooner.

If the browser adjusts to a bottleneck with different behavior, that's the best of both worlds.

Comment Re:Find a way to make it relevant (Score 1) 312

Also, if you can't find a programming assignment that you want to do, for yourself, to save time, ask yourself why you want to do this.

Take a program that exists and is open source, and make changes. Learn to build it, learn what tools you need. If you hate that part, ask yourself why you want to do this.

Build an open source project, and fix the first interesting bug on their list. You won't do it, but you will learn a lot. If not....

Comment Re:Ban temporary lifted for the wrong reasons (Score 1) 476

You don't list every possible reason in a situation like this, you list the specific incidents with real harm, that no one can argue the facts. If you have more news reports, they don't count until you have a person showing irreparable harm, in writing, in a court filing.

Microsoft went to bat first and got the home run. No need to wait for more.

Comment Re:Why don't people understand... (Score 2) 203

Because you don't hire a programmer nor security consultant to install these systems. You buy the system, and an installer gets the job done with a minimum of extra work.

You're buying a modernization package, not a security solution. And it will stay this way until people mark up the contract and send it back signed, with additions. But the sale will be voided, the security won't be enforced, until the business has enough customers demanding security.

The military aspect is kinda vague, I'm not going to address each scenario, but there is an answer, and rarely is it just incompetence, ignorance, or some other magic word to wave away the details.

Problems have solutions, and as long as we identify both specifically they can be fixed. Rhetorical questions never solved anything, it is far more effective to identity and resolve.

Comment Re:If they ask your salary history (Score 1) 435

That's fair. If you don't get the job, you didn't want to work there anyway. Be prepared with a humorous response, but follow up with, "seriously though, we want questions answered, we won't get them all" or your variation.

Show you don't need the job. Also, don't actually need the job.

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