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Comment Re:Never attribute to malice ... (Score 1) 181

That's the answer, doesn't make it true. I've had many instances of being told many conflicting things, enough that I can't quote one response and consider it final.

What happened to critical thinking, or at least considering alternatives?

Taking a fact that matches your beliefs, yet is not actually true, is literally the whole problem of the current USA election cycle. And you are part of the problem, regardless of your country of citizenship.

In addition, sibling post is correct about customer service repeating talking points, frequently without understanding. Same problem.

Stop being the problem.

Comment Re:most of all pointers (Score 1) 241

You are talking about learning the fundamentals to provide a solid baseline to support a thorough understanding of how machines work, and thus how code actually runs.

That's not the topic here, because it will prevent most people from learning. The opposite of the goal here.

I agree that C and assembly should be studied and learned, but your goal is winnowing out anyone who doesn't yet have the spark of interest, or who hasn't developed the kind of logic processing you can teach through programming.

Your plan will produce 99.9% non coders and .1% rock stars. Not the goal here.

Comment Re:like what? (Score 1) 537

You're not making sense. What should venture capital be funding? I can probably give you a detailed explanation. But I don't see anything likely to actually work and be used that also isn't being developed.

If it clearly won't work, or people don't want to work that way, there's no point backing it. Making money isn't even part of this, since we has open source software and hardware that techies are making available to improve life.

So what is not being done here?

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 385

I rip to flac, generate 15% par2 redundancy, and burn to 2 DVDs. Test yearly or so, and any suspect discs get copied to disc and restored. Any differences might get investigated, if it happened. But it doesn't.

I give shit away just so I can burn another copy. That's what DRM did, it made me ensure my data is good by giving it away so I can make a new original.

Digital rights means if I bought it, I don't buy it again. Digital Restrictions means I avoid any loss. Not lost one yet, but I keep after it to make sure.

And yes I have shitpiles of DivX from way back, and installers on cd. If things go tits up, I can restore quake and peggle.

Comment Re:Did it occur to them that no one wants them? (Score 1) 86

Me. I want that. And a guy I work with, we both want that. You want a better buggy whip, we want cars. You get motion sickness, we get, like, roid rage or something.

It's so awesome, I don't know how we even liked 2D movies.

You're stupid and wrong, and history will be on my side. So take a moment and answer your own question. Who wants this? Who doesn't? Anyone sensitive to motion sickness will automatically not get it, so your judgement is flawed.

Start over. Who wants this, and who doesn't?

Comment Re: Verdict sound legitimate (Score 1) 162

Where was this tried, and how much experience do you have with that legal system?

I have none, and it sounds like you have experience with that if a different country.

It might be better to state your bias, and ask if the jurisdiction has similar concepts. Otherwise it sounds like the old adage, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Comment Re:Why should we have to do all of that to begin w (Score 1) 264

The moment government invented superior weapons, like nuclear bombs, the government has been out of the control of citizens.

Third parties are afterthoughts, and even the wrong first party candidate loses support. The citizen cannot vote for change. Minor change, sure, but that barely registers.

The revolution will not be televised. It will happen so slowly that any concept if control goes out the window. There is no control, only the occasional nudge.

We can avoid the iceberg if a lot of people take over the wheel, or if a few start it turning at the first warning. So far, neither has happened. Not significantly.

That's why we have to do this.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 618

Are you disagreeing with the points made in the article? Because anecdotes don't help here. Pointing out how this conclusion is flawed based on some aspect of the data or data gathering process might help.

But for now, you are an isolated element in an unrepresentative area of the world.

Facts on equal footing, not a study vs your diary.

Comment Re:I like technology (Score 2) 213

But that's not how other people think. The ability to influence your purchasing, quantify your tolerance for debt, front run your stock picks. That's their utopia.

People like Turing and Hopper and Babbage might have saved countless years of effort, but they pulled a trigger on human misery we won't fully wade into for 20 years at least. And it will still be warm and inviting long before most people feel the undertow.

No ones utopia is the same, and convenience will doom all but the luddites. At some point, you will have to decide if you like your tech enough to take it off grid, and then its just you and the compiler you wrote and the processer you mined and soldered.

Comment Re:I am fascinated by all the genius in this world (Score 1) 118

"So, I guess I should be patient."

patient [pey-shuh nt] noun
1.a person who is under medical care or treatment.
2.a person or thing that undergoes some action.
3.Archaic. a sufferer or victim.

4.bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc., with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like.
5.characterized by or expressing such a quality:
a patient smile.
6.quietly and steadily persevering or diligent, especially in detail or exactness:
a patient worker.
7.undergoing the action of another

Origin of patient

1275-1325; Middle English pacient (adj. and noun) Middle French Latin patient- (stem of patiÄ"ns), present participle of patÄ to undergo, suffer, bear; see -ent

Comment Re:take a hint google. (Score 1) 149

Some assjack blocked his source code downloads for desktop Firefox. So I went to get Chrome, thinking it was browser sniffing or something. And it took 3 different attempts to download. One did nothing, I got an installer that would only crash, then a zero byte installer.

Finally used IE, which spawned one of those things where you can't just download, probably ActiveX bullshit.

I cancelled that, opened wget, and everyone is happy. And yes the download works on chrome mobile, and HTC's shitbrowser from years ago, both with js disabled. So I don't know why desktop Firefox was blocked.

Point is, chrome was just not trustworthy. If I can't virus scan an installer after a few days of quarintine, I usually won't let it run.

Comment Re:Must be hiding (Score 2) 205

How can any dashslot reader still post retarded nonsense like this?

I tried not to respond to recent "duh dark matter obviously isn't a thing" posts, but Christmas Jesus humping a granite yarmulke, this idiocy has to stop.

Meta moderators take note, this ignorance will be troll or overrated. And this is why: Fundamental misunderstanding, or intentional ignorance deserves no consideration. Argue about what it is, what it means.. but don't argue that it doesn't exist, unless you have a NObel quality replacement. Until then, do your arguing in peer reviewed journals.

Comment Re:Utility and deviance of the User Agent (Score 1) 104

Several popular toolkits generate fancy charts and graphs as images, server side, and provide them as images. And for testing, it is useful to know the most common browser sizes. Because CSS and HTML in general let things flow and get cocked up.

Finally, the client and servers both need to reflect standards completely and accurately, which is a huge assumption. Much better to control your fingerprint, because your vision of reality is just not going to happen. Or preach to the choir if you really need to vent.

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