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Comment Re:See China's Compulsary GPS shift (Score 1) 130

The worst, saddest thing I can say about your idea is it would play into Clinton's war card...
depending on what you call the war card.

Not every schedule is about the US election but recently, we've got the Pentagon's assault on Deir Ezzor (a thorough slaughter of Syrian troops), and then the assault on Mosul (which entails destruction of all water and power infrastructure, as part of "humanitarian" warfare). If the attacks on a humanitarian convoy was a false flag, then that's some hard core stuff there. White helmets already are something of a "reverse false flag" - many monthes ago there were severe hints they are Jihadi who put on some clothes and/or helmet.
Some newspaper I've read still pretends the rebels are "Free Syrian Army", about the story about Kurds being bombed by Turkey slight North-West of Aleppo in order to make room for the "rebels".

In all likehoodness or hopefully, the "West" is bluffing. They want to scare us afterall (i.e. the West scares itself). The Empire reaches several objectives : to bolster the Jihadi, get right-wing governments elected in Europe and North America, and increase weapon sales.

Comment Re:AI -- FAR more hype than substance (Score 1) 201

I'll bring a hardware argument. Being generous on numbers, what fits in the AI's 1 gigabyte/s networked hard drives (or the whole internet) won't fit in its 1 terabyte/s L1 cache, to say nothing of the latency.
Make the AI's storage a billion times bigger, and it'll be a million times slower (or whatever it be)
There's a similar problem if you make your AI from a billion CPU and they need communicate to get things done. We do certainly have natural examples, like flying animals prove flight is possible but that doesn't really make it less hard. Perhaps some cognitive processes could take years, and we'd witness a slow motion AI, exactly to the contrary of the notion that an AI would be a million times faster than a human mind.

Comment Re:Question about computers (Score 1) 79

I would have say, just pick up a desktop on the streets on your way home, but if it's fully working the OS on it has become even more worthles than it used to (Windows XP, or later Windows already full of malware).

As another who beat me to it says, the poorest tend to use a smartphone now. So if you don't have a smartphone, be glad you can afford it lol.
Also why I find those phones despicable. You can buy a $50 one or a $80 one, but to stay afloat on security updates you'd have to buy one every year as soon as it comes out, and that's probably highly generous.
If you still use Vista, that may have more life left than a cheap phone you'll buy tomorrow.

Comment Re:10MBps (Score 1) 79

Some countries have "speed tiers" for DSL courtesy of the ISP, but some countries don't. Fixing a broken phone line here and there or simply enticing people to sign up will bring a lot of people to 10 to 15 megabits on ADSL2+. Rural 4G in some places might do it. If you have to bring some new fixed Internet, that will be fiber which is at least able of 1 Gbps. So there isn't a lot of point in trying to bring 1 Mbps to unwashed masses. Sure, let me show you my tax receipt and build me a T1 for free and I'll like it, but even 100/10 fiber will be vastly cheaper.

Comment Re:People on slashdot have high demand for bandwid (Score 1) 79

Even video can be done in some manner at 1 Mbps, except some live streaming that doesn't offer a low enough quality.
But well, not owning any TV is a lot more common nowadays, now that analog broadcast was switched off (In France, they've doubled down by ceasing digital SD broadcast, so the dingy little tuner boxes and second remote have returned)

Also, 1 Mbps doesn't really exist except for some rural lines (nothing really wrong with e.g. Seattle's DSL, it's just that 65 year-old-phone lines are rare outside the US) ; if you've got 1 Mbps it's likely because you're mooching from some wifi hotspot that will have availability problems. Congestion may mean pings less than 100ms are only achievable at 3 AM. For UK in particular, I guess rain and mist ruin it pretty often.
1 Mbps up/down with 100% availability and low ping and zero jitter would be pretty nice actually, although still not usable for everything.

Comment Re:So many important unaswered questions (Score 1) 259

A patent on what, nvidia's thermal and power management features that they call GPU Boost 3.0 or something?

The dock is also some cheap $5 thing that I expect they'll sell at a moderate (perhaps) mark up. Have two TV and a desktop monitor in a large home : can have a dock for each.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 183

No one knows about that feature with the middle button, and the trackpoint requires you to go mess with mouse speed settings if it's too jumpy.

Also, no one has experience with these old $3000 or $4000 Thinkpads, because they used to cost $3000 or $4000. So, Thinkpads may be strong with IT professionals who use a decommissioned business laptops, or order them on ebay, and businessmen in suits may have used them in the late 90s and early aughts. But to the general public they're rare. On the other hand, everyone has experience in using a touchpad on someone else's laptop at least and as a kind of finger mouse rather than a finger joystick, it's easier to pick up.

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