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Comment Re:Ok fags.. (Score 1) 79

Some might have shit software. It's just like the bad old days of a Packard Bell with Windows 98 and XP bundled with a ton of crapware. What about you get Norton Anvitirus, Real Player, Acrobat Reader preloading with system tray icon, Packard Bell / Acer / whatever "troubleshooting" and "driver" utility, sound card special configuration GUI, webcam shitware, get a printer and install the "helpful" bundleware, Microsoft Active Desktop, yahoo/AOL/Ask Jeeves/Packard Bell toolbars in Internet Explorer, all with 128MB RAM and a Celeron with 66MHz bus? (which were screaming fast specs a year ago)

In those old days though, you installed a clean Windows from a warez CD (to save time), good drivers without "helpful" software (not included or crossed out in the installer), actually useful software like winrar, winamp, codecs etc. then that poor piece of crap PC was actually fast. You could also take your chance and clean up the crap manually without a reinstall (quit tray programs, uninstall crap, run msconfig, delete shortcuts)

Well. If continuing the PC analogy, get 2GB RAM instead of 1GB RAM, get 3GB instead of 2GB RAM, get 4GB instead of 3GB RAM (depending on price points) and pay attention to storage speed benchmarks or reviews that complain about slow storage.

Comment Re:shrinking screen (Score 1) 79

Not necessarily a bad thing and kind of a selling point there.

Maybe you can hold it with one hand, scroll text and get to see a usable portion of the page that's not obscured by your thumb.
Might be great for portrait keyboard too (landscape keyboard might be shit, or maybe you can get a split one)

Comment Re: Building restrictions (Score 1) 559

Makes sense, and thanks. I guess best case you can live upstairs while demolishing downstairs on week-ends, but I guess I might guess wrong, and I guess there can be worse and more ridiculous things.
Why not live as a renter for life and have nice savings - I'll be happy enough if I end up living that life.

Comment Re:Building restrictions (Score 1) 559

So I'm here looking at the pics, ok the kitchen has some fugly teal but at least it's big (in my country, there's often a kitchen with room to cook but not dine, even in bigger houses ; there you've got a whole room). Ok there's a fugly empty room, a bathroom with garish color, etc.
WTF, there is another kitchen? Looks like a "two-family" home ain't it.

"Spacious single family home with an unwarranted In-Law apartment on the ground floor"
I'm curious what "unwarranted" mean. Does that mean it's for In-Laws you hate and feel you don't deserve to live with, or you think you don't deserve to have to know them? Does that mean they sell the whole house, they didn't want to sell you the bottom apartment, but had to?
Does that mean it's illegal for you to rent it to someone else? (unless you do whatever inspection, paperwork, insurance to get it "warranted" again). Do they apologize for it - they know they're selling you a crappy bottom apartment, but if you want to break it and tear down and replace everything, you'll have to do it by yourself?

I don't think my comment adds much anything to the discussion but I found that funny. If I refer to dictionary definition of "unwarranted" this is a groundless ground floor, or a baseless basement. Can someone explain why I would want to buy something "unwarranted" for $1M.

Comment Re:it lets me do what now? (Score 1) 71

I remember how IE5 was able to save a web page into a single file, with pictures, then Firefox couldn't do that and still can't without extensions.
Also, local bookmarks are subject to data loss (hard disk crash, theft, etc.) and link rot. I wish I had a solutions for all these issues a few years back. Bookmarks suck, tabs suck, history lacks useful sorting/filtering/searching options (and might disappear anyhow)

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 559

Nobility used to die of pneumonia for this reason.

Quite a shitty deal, if the huge cold as fuck rooms and leaky roofs don't kill you, you get to sit at one of the fireplaces (wood supply is not unlimited either) and breath in fumes that are about as healthy as chain smoking.

Comment Re:My story (Score 1) 88

*Back in 2000 or 2001 we had propaganda about how ADSL was so great : low frequencies for the phone and high frequencies for the DSL. So regular phone service with high per minute charges still was built-in.
Up until the 2010s, aforementioned ISP advertised they had dial-up backup at no charge (using their dial up ISP side of the business) although of course the router would then be useless and you would have to use your own dial up modem.

Comment Re:My story (Score 1) 88

Um, can't you use dial up? Well, I'm remembering that in my country early ADSL was a combined POTS + ADSL service, with a filter plug that had both a an old style phone plug and a RJ11 for the DSL modem. Then as alternate or smaller operators got more control of the last mile pipe or cabinets, ADSL-only service got more common and phone service (style compatible with antiques) got relegated to VoIP on the router/modem. POTS is still available (here), you need to sign up for it then POTS + ADSL might be an option. Back in 2000 or 2001

Anyway I am thinking that dial up backup would have been useful - doesn't a debit machine need like a kilobyte or less? Do ISP still support like 9600 baud or less.
Or a really small 3G/4G plan - that can be another can of hair. Can you get like 500MB or 100MB data-only for $10, or does the local mobile monopoly/oligopoly not allow that?

Seems like, DSL is the wired technology that can most easily get messed up. Seen it drop dead. My former ISP are another kind of dumbfucks. The support number is a robot that tells you to check the internet site and the internet site tells you to call the support number, so you can't get support, while you're still billed monthly for the dead line. But you can call the commercial number, then you get a woman who's visibly (well, audibly) in a hurry because she's pressured by management so as to answer eight hundred calls per hour. So, after a couple monthes trying to get support through the various channels they advertise (in effect bots and wizards that waste your time), in a couple minutes I get handed the full procedure to cancel my account. Thanks a lot, LOL! For a while they turned me into a grandma who pays useless automatic bills for things she doesn't know how to deal with, now I'll forever tell everyone never to sign up with them (another lesson learned, don't get residential internet and mobile phone from the same company. I couldn't even deny the ISP's automatic bill, else I would have lost mobile phone sevice)

Comment Re:Seems simple to me (Score 2) 257

Where I live stores already have garbage bins for light bulbs, batteries, small electronic and electric devices like phones and toasters, routers, hair dryers and so on.
A busted Xbox 360 would easily fit in there. Some tiny "recycling" tax, maybe European, is advertised on high tech crap.
So while your idea is likable, the problem is it's already done, and it's too easy.

Comment Re:During the 70's or 80's... (Score 1) 257

More like today's per-core software licensing, I would say. I bet the price of the additional hardware was negligible in this case (but, a not fully populated board would still have been a lot cheaper to make).
Maybe manufacturing a whole new mainframe was expensive, but not nearly as much as what they charged in sales/rent/leasing/charges. Rather than with a Nintendo or a home computer, I think it should be compared with a jet fighter program. Spend a zillion on R&D then only build a few hundreds or thousands computers of that model, if that. Then a jet fighter is sold for many multiples of unit production cost and the customer gets to pay for maintenance and shit for decades.

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