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Comment Seems like they are a traditional producer (Score 1) 90

Rather than a content delivery service.

They have become one of the cable channels. Since their foreign content is only leased tempoarily it seems to me they will inevitably drop their streaming service/subscription model and go directly to a la cart show subscriptions. Maybe new episodes cost a dollar to watch. Old series 25 cents for a couple hours.

Then that will evolve with Netflix breaking off into two or more companies. One a delivery ecosystem; others the new cable production channels.

Interestingly I think Apple is the biggest threat to them with an alternative content system already up and running. Question is will they start/invest in their own production companies or simply buy out HBO or some of the other channels with original content.

I think the Big Three are all dead within 10 years along with cable.

Comment I am becomming more and more ashamed... (Score 0) 209

As a U.S. citizen.....

Both judges and the executive branch are violating the constitution if not common law. Justify it in whatever doublespeak you wish. If he wasn't on U.S. soil then he has no obligation to U.S. law. At best if he signed something then maybe an international tribunal before being handed over.

Where are the elected officials defending the constitution as they have pledged under oath?

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 2) 344

Completely agree.

A democratic president using the CIA to attack speech and actions against his political party. You might not like it but our political leaders and political issues affect other nations around the world. They may not get to vote but I see no reason they shouldn't be able to sway voters. Especially with something like truth and exposing hypocrisy. Our CIA has been swaying foreign elections since it's creation.

Our political leaders are all for violating our privacy and constitutional rights yet they are the ones with the skeletons in the closet that cry foul the loudest.

There is nothing to show it's "state sponsored". It simply doesn't have to be since it's not that expensive. They are private contractors. And private contractors at this level could be funded by any individual with political interests.

What I find interesting is none of the exposed information is claimed to be falsified.

P.S. I'm very much Against Trump.

Comment Two services then... (Score 1) 97

I'm don't want to pay tips on a regular basis. Tips are for when someone goes out of their way. I'm really tired of the standard 20 percent and having to keep change on hand as well as to add it to calculations in my head. Standard service and price it into the product. I see tips and jobs where people get tips as the bottom of the barrel. Those employees are always cheated.

Comment Voting republican this time. (Score 1) 813

I'm done and disgusted with Feinstein. I don't care which powerful committees she is on anymore. She is against my interests. I will be voting republican for senators until she is out of office. Everyone knows how much I hate Trump... But if he were up against her I'd vote him in just to get rid of her. I don't really see a difference between Feinstein and the average Republican anymore.

Comment I'm seeing pattern here... (Score 2) 86

Google knows we want real encrypted messaging on phones. It should always be an option to not be tracked. The better results of ____ is a pretext. All governments are going to pressure them to store conversation logs. They know people will notice a change of terms and are looking for the backlash to have something to show those governments.

Comment They can still change their mind about brexit... (Score 1) 165

I personally believed that brexit would pass.

It actually opens up a path for global EU reform. Things such as a particular country ability to override particular EU laws and regulations but with certain proportional financial penalties that ramp up over time; and or phase in's. And immigration reform. Namely the right of countries to refuse new immigrants. (If a country chooses to adopt a new immigrant they should stay in that country for years to adapt and prove they are civilly minded; I say 10 years. You need to show you are well adapted and civilly minded.) And actually funding for a real border. No country should be forced to accept immigrants even for humanitarian reasons.

Image the embarrassment of certain dictatorship committees if 2/3rds of counties voluntarily choose to not implement a policy but rather pay the penalty.

They can reform the EU on condition that the UK re-votes to stay in.

Comment This bothers me (Score 1) 48

Does anyone in the government understand statistics rather that just protect their paycheck?

It's like please take out an insurance claim prior to boarding the plane just in case your spontaneously combust.

You do realize all the Chinese replacement batteries that have been replaced of people that have been boarding planes for the past 10 years is like 10,000 times the number of GN7's that have trickled onto the market?

Comment I disagree (Score 1) 199

There should be the "internet" and then there should be private networks on the side for prioritization. They should physically be different networks. Implemented kind of like how local and long distance were 10 years ago.

Problem there is getting everyone to cooperate on the "private" network since it will be free game and everyone will want their cut.

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