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Comment Re:Won't work everywhere, or really anywhere else (Score 1) 180

Yes it can work.

A board of directors is often just people with a financial stake in the company. They don't necessarily work there which is why you have a CEO to represent the board in day in and day out operations. But it's totally feasible to have multiple employed top managers.

A CEO's (which is more helpful in larger companies) primary job is as both visionary and ambassador to the public. His secondary job is to audit the company's management from disagreements/infighting (usually about salaries) and to take responsibility for final decisions. A small group of executives can do this job as well. That's how google started. But the chiefs have to all be on the same page and take larger salaries according to their responsibility.

Larger organizations usually have more politics going on. People ultimately wanting more money but also sometimes more control. The more people you have the more opinions you have about what the company should be. A CEO's has to bend people to his will and replace those he can't so that everybody is moving in the same direction. Like it or not a CEO's job is as a politician.

Where an oligarchy hurts is when one of the chiefs need to be replaced. It can be more disruptive and take longer than finding a single CEO since he has to work well with the other chiefs. But it is workable.

Comment What they should be doing for $1 billion... (Score 4, Interesting) 107

They should be counter lobbying states against cable monopolies and allowing cities and regions to lay their own last mile fibre as part of city services. Then any provider can service any customer in the city minus the city's cut to pay off the build-out. I live in Culver City which has a population of 40,000 in 5.2 square miles. Lets say the city goes whole hog and guts all the old infrastructure including the old copper lines. So every service including plain telephone would have to come over fibre. That would mean at least 90% of people would have to sign up. Lets say 4 people per building for 10,000 residential and business buildings. I say $25 per month per building. They would get you a quarter million dollars a month toward paying off fibre layout. That's $3 million a year. For 5 square miles that should be more than completely paid off in 10 years with maintenance fees and upgrades dropping to something like $5 a month. Last mile solved. If they do right with multiple fibre pairs to every building then it should last the next 150 years; longer than the old copper phone lines. Once the cities are built out and paid off I don't see why the state couldn't tack on a $10 fee to provide for rural build out. I'm sure they would do a better job and actually get it done. But I still think rural people should have to outlay at least something like $3000; not including end point equipment. That's way less than the price of a car and actually increases the equity of their home. So forget laying the lines yourself and get lobbying.

Comment I spent $13- dollars on this back in 97, 4 books (Score 1) 176

last one was 4a....

Last was 4a. First two were massively outdated. I still have to still admit they are about "computer science". Which should not be what graduates in computers should not have graduated in since '85. Should have been a balance between the science and the engineering. The science part being encryption. Everything else he explained in obtuse language. I'm actually sad he never wrote "the" book on making a compiler. He could have actually predicted superscaler branch prediction with which on ryzen right now includes nural networks.

Comment Shut up and take my money... (Score 2) 67

What I'm looking for right now is motherboards! Where is ASUS in all their lineup? They have a B350? Where is their X370's? It's going to be Gigabyte and ASUS so I need all various iterations of the motherboards to be in reviews hands now so that I can decide and have it a couple weeks before the processors come out. Then the processor can arrive by overnight mail and voila. I might have even bought they old processor in the new AM4 package to bootstrap with.

Comment They exposed the truth... (Score 1) 734

Every country tries to influence U.S. politics. That has been happening since the inception of this country. Our government has had a hand in foreign elections. But what is the "Russians" do? They hacked behind the doors truth and exposed it. They exposed some minor deceptions from a political candidate. It's the equivalent of egg on someones face.

When hackers expose Trump are we going to care about where the information came from or the content of the information?

It is everyone's responsibility to lock their own doors and close their curtains before they take off their closes.

Hilary lost the electoral college by millions of votes. She lost the election because she like her husband is a two faced used car salesmen except she doesn't have her husbands charm. And it doesn't help to have cry ins on TV about far left issues no matter if I slightly agree with the issues. During an election your suppose to be charming the other camp. I think middle America and the right is tired of Social Justice Warriors.

Comment I could see this used for the Amazon Echo (Score 1) 207

Also the XBone.

Other than that how many other apps keep microphones open and recording?

And not so much hackers as they are paranoid. But it would be a good tactic for finding and tracking Journalists.

Journalists can be quite dim; just look at the one that released his key for the the Manning data in a book.

Comment Asteroid Billiards is a new idea.. interesting (Score 4, Interesting) 135

We could double or triple down by bringing multiple asteroids into orbit. First to mine for minerals. Second as a cheap scaffold for a space station. Third as an earth shield provided that the rockets used to bring it into orbit are powerful enough or have been upgraded so that it can be moved to the right location within 3 weeks. It can absorb energy from the impact and will probably have bombs perfectly set in place to self destruct just in case it's gets deflected at earth.

Very good idea. Having half a dozen large asteroids in orbit along with the multiple uses will make this very practical.

Comment When are we going optical? (Score 2) 192

Can we please bite the bullet? We survived the transition to HD. Remember when plain 1080i TV was 8 grand? People still pay $100 for digital monster cables.

Don't tell me laser are that expensive and yes I do understand about the frequencies. But plain red lasers use to cost $200 and now you can get them at the 99 cent store.

When are we going to transition over to optical? Why are the powers that be holding us back?

Comment Re:Fast Tech (Score 1) 182

The whole patent thing is for disclosing the tech. At 5 years and the speed of the court system I doubt companies would bother with patents but companies will still do R&D and simply keep their cards to themselves.

The system needs to change. All the IP laws need their own court system and their needs to be body of (not sure what you would call them) that actually know and review technology and instead of statically rewarding they should be dynamically reward inventors. Rewards should be merit based. With the highest rewards going to problems that needs solutions. If it's actively reviewed I don't have a problem with patents exceeding 20 years. Further it should be up to this new body of people to decide how the reward is monetized. Who can use the IP and when as well as how much they have to pay. All based on merit. The people on this board will be scrutinized such that each and every one them are actually basing their decisions on merit vs politics or private interests.

Comment Can it be an all versions blu-ray? (Score 2) 304

Not sure if it's possible with blu-ray. I would like to see an all versions disc where one only has to select options in an options menu for what they want to see. Han shot first should be default but we can keep around the revisionist history for laughs.

Better yet... come up with yet another proprietary DRM format and release it on an 128gb sd card or compact flash. Honestly it should be as lossless as possible and DRM free.. you know how much any ISP is going to complain to any customer that tries to download that? Do the equivalent of a DOS attack by providing too much data. Collectors are going to want origional media. It's not like people haven't seen Star Wars.

Comment The "russians" are making a simple point. (Score 1) 211

IP addresses are not people. Further hundreds of millions of home computers and equipment are vulnerable if not already compromised at any particular moment. Your history of web sites or torrents can be 99.999% true which will make the foolish and senators fearful. But computers can and do function as relays. So they and others can make it seem like you have a fetish for grandma bondage porn.

And this means Russians can be hacked too. Their statement:


I can only hope that something happens online where someone famous is publicly framed only to be cleared so this point is shoved home in the minds of the lay public.

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