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Comment Pollsters were just lying to boost Clinton (Score 2) 284

Statistical analysis by unbiased machine learning systems, derived via data on social media platforms including Twitter, that Trump would win. The difference between the correct and wrong predictive systems is that one was just left-wing echo chambers regurgitating Hillary propaganda, the other was a genuine unbiased prediction engine. All these departure protests are is more left-wing bullying to manipulate social media into promoting their bull crap.


Comment Re: Oh fuck (Score 1) 244

    "You seem to be confusing solar energy (as you put it) with solar power generation equipment."

Here I was thinking we had electric lines between the United States and China to give us their solar power exports. Boy I sure am enlightened now.

  "Your equivalence is false"

No it isn't. Existing equipment requires continual maintenance and replacement, and new installations are frequently needed to account for growing energy demands in the population. More than that, ramping up nation-state scale production of equipment isn't something that can be done overnight. Being cutoff from OPEC would have similar consequences as being cutoff from renewable energy for dependent nations without their own production.

Comment Re: Oh fuck (Score 1) 244

The predominate exporter of solar energy is China. Now I don't care if you want green energy or not, the net effect is the relocation of U.S. energy dependence from OPEC to China. Now, given Saudi Arabia has basically crapped all over human rights with zero international challenge as a result of their control of energy, it should be clear to everyone the dangers of such a situation. And what we see is a long line of Chinese donations to the political party which keeps shipping U.S. energy to China "in the name of the environment" and "free trade": These aren't new claims, e.g. from 1998: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/05... What's fantastic is when Republicans point this out, they're just labeled "science deniers."

Comment Re:Sort of like eating I suppose... (Score 2) 162

This, hard; Most people who watch movies as entertainment are going to be slow to adopt new hobbies. What the report really says is "bored people on Monday evening settle to watch movie they're not that interested in because they couldn't think of anything else to do." This is the precise arrogance that pushed Block Buster Video out of business.

Comment Re:Case in point where this would have been great. (Score 1) 552

Have you ever spent $50 to see someone perform and try to capture the moment, only to have the jerk you spent $50 to see yell at you for not experiencing things how they see fit? I actually have several friends who have bands, and I can tell you they'd be more than happy to have 10,000 cameras flooding them onto social media. Further more, art and general aesthetic response is subjective. Art isn't even about the audience per se, though artist and audience can blend those lines. Of course, I don't think grumpy musicians are generally reveling in meta-art the moment they tiss fit about cameras from stage, though I'm sure at some point a clever artist will play those strings.

I am a god!
The audience in the palm of my hand,
Moved by my every word,
Swaying to the rhythms I command,
I am a god!

Wait, what are you doing with those cameras my worshipers!?
Put those up you plebeian scum, I am your god.
Put those up so you can worship me how I see fit!

Comment Re:Case in point where this would have been great. (Score 1) 552

It was a great insult to have art displayed in a contemporary place at one time, but it took someone of slightly higher mental acuity to recognize their own bombastic tendencies and look beyond them. It's incredibly pigheaded to have ten thousand people willing to get out to see you and immortalize their experience, and have no respect for that. Rob Zombie can either get a check on his gigantic ego or go the way of the rest of the artists whining to make it into the Louvre while Matisse immortalized himself in farmhouses.

Comment Re:Case in point where this would have been great. (Score 1) 552

Oh cry me a fine arts river. Matisse displayed his work in farm houses, at a time other artists demanded audiences trek to Paris to revere their holy arts. Marcel Duchamp engraved art on a toilet, when most artists expected shrines to their works. If history is any indication, it's doubtful future generations will look back with admiration at the "artists" who threw tissy fits at cell phone users.

Comment Re:Case in point where this would have been great. (Score 1) 552

Any great performer knows the show is never about them, it's about the audience.

Post Modern art rung true in light of War Time propaganda, Beethtoven composed his art to be comprehensible to the widest of audiences, Show Boat reflected interpersonal racial dynamics in southern states. Art reflects through an individual by shared experiences. The critical mistake here is that the person behind the lens has reached for their phone because of an accumulation of personal desires, say by a deep urge to appear digitally relevant, or to feel socially desirable by their peers. An artist knows how to relate to the times, not stamp their feet.

Comment Re:This is why Britain left the EU (Score 1) 579

The United States treasury has already called foul on the retroactive money grab. And it's incredibly ironic you came in with brazen insults and then want to act surprised when someone points out your ignorance. You're living under a rock, this is clearly a money grab, and completely blind to reality and obvious regional facts. What's especially ridiculous is you're the one running contrary to blatant facts, and want to point the finger this way. You're a hypocrite and blind to causal reality. Don't like it? Tough.

Comment Re:This is why Britain left the EU (Score 0) 579

You've given no facts to support any of your claims. I've plenty well cited regional EU history and decades of non-action. It's absurd to bury your head in the sand and ignore the clear facts the EU is looking for a quick buck. The only one who is post factual - and post sound reason - is you.

Comment Re:This is why Britain left the EU (Score 0) 579

"You're just uninformed" is the typical battle drum of socialist plutocrats. I'm plenty informed: The EU's economy isn't looking hot, and they're looking for an excuse to get a quick handout. Even the US government is crying foul on this one. It's incredibly arrogant for you to swoop in with your "ah, uninformed masses!" bullcrap. The only one who's ignorant is you, because you've bought hook-line-and-sinker into the promise of being "enlightened" by plutcratic propaganda. As if the largest refugee crises in history coupled with the Greek and British fiasco are just happy financial coincidences.

What's absurd is to act like this is just tax business as usual.

Comment This is why Britain left the EU (Score 0) 579

The EU has turned into a parasitic leech that wants to fund irresponsible socialist programs with outside money, because they've spent the last three decades trying to eat their own tail. The Irish tax system has been in place for literally decades, it's a joke that the EU is trying to retroactively change tax laws of a sovereign nation state for a quick pay day. The EU is quickly going to find itself a land no one wants to touch because of the arrogant plutocrats who will magically decide you owe back taxes anytime their irresponsible financial management lands them in a pinch.

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