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Comment Re:ebay sucks more and more, lately (Score 1) 64

Included content was paramount, in order to see the bull they spewed.

We have a paid ad here for ebay, on /., blathering on about how great ebay is.

If my email about them spamming people non-consensually with political crap isn't on topic, nothing is.

These clowns have a load of lobby presence on Parliament Hill. They don't need to spam me, to have a word into that forum.

(Note lobbyist details)

I can sign up to a no-call list, from all sorts of non-profit and political groups trying to contact me for this blather. And SPAM is highly regulated in Canada with CASL.

But these clowns bypass all that, and use their customer list as a personal pundit, a soapbox to increase their profits. Not for my benefit. I'm sure Andrea owns shares, and I bet she'll get a hefty bonus if she streamlines profit.

It's all personal motivation. It has NOTHING to do with helping ME.

Comment ebay sucks more and more, lately (Score -1, Offtopic) 64

There's nothing I despise and hate more, than a company spamming its customers with political garbage. Note this spam received from ebay, below:

Join eBay Canada in calling for fewer duties and taxes on ecommerce purchases. Support shopping fairness!

Happy New Year!

If you’re like me, you love that eBay connects you with amazing finds in nearly every country around the world.

Unfortunately, Canada’s customs laws make it difficult for eBay users to buy and sell across borders. Our “de minimis threshold” is set at $20, which means we’re responsible for paying duties and taxes on international purchases worth more than $20. Our threshold -- set in the 1980’s -- is out of step internationally: the US threshold is US$800!

Canada’s low de minimis threshold makes shopping more expensive and creates red tape for entrepreneurs. It also costs taxpayers money because the government spends more to enforce the law than it actually collects at the border. Learn more.

eBay Canada believes that our laws should reduce burdens on consumers, entrepreneurs, and taxpayers. If you agree, please sign our letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Participation is easy. Together, we can make a difference.


Andrea Stairs
Managing Director
eBay Canada

You can't unsubscribe from these emails, as ebay has a 'site changes and enhancements' category of emails that you can NOT opt out of.

And of course, Andrea thought her little political message is somehow about that. Why?

Because "I'm the managing director of ebay Canada, I'm special, and I get to spout my politically motivated emails to all ebay members".

I emailed back, of course, assuring ebay that'd I'd look everywhere else first, now. That I'll try etsy, aliexpress, alibaba and others BEFORE ebay.

Of course, no one actually read my email, because why would they? And even if they did, well, who wants to tell Queen Bee that she's acting like an idiot.

I left 'smashwords' for the same reason. The CEO kept sending out political emails, ones you can't unsubscribe from, because hey -- why can't he use SPAM to tell his customers how to vote. What to think?

I no longer have a smashwords account. And I very much am close to canceling my ebay account.


Comment Re:Renting airwaves (Score 1) 72

Renting them by the month now! That's even worse than buddy's overall lease term above!

You do realise that this money comes from YOU! You, the person that has cell phone service.

Where else does the carrier get money to pay for the lease?

The cost of these airwaves should be ZERO. Not one penny.

Yes, they should be regulated. Yes, if you don't use them, they get pulled.

But paying for them? Billions and trillions? THAT COMES FROM YOU IN THE END!

Comment Re:Can someone explain... (Score 1) 72

What, so you're suggesting that the tax you pay to use cell service increases?

Certainly, there should be some way to regulate air wave usage. But, just where do those billions come from? Or in this case, your leasing costs?

Anyone buying those frequencies, must make a profit. Therefore, any cost like this, is in some way or another passed on to the consumer. And, as a fixed cost that can't be optimized/improved/reduced, it's a cost that is universal to all wireless providers.

Meaning? It's a tax on your bill. *YOU* pay for it, not the wireless providers.

Why do people approve of a tax on themselves like this?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 72

Actually, it is a tax on the consumer.

Certainly, there should be some way to regulate air wave usage. But, just where do those billions come from?

Anyone buying those frequencies, must make a profit. Therefore, any cost like this, is in some way or another passed on to the consumer. And, as a fixed cost that can't be optimized/improved/reduced, it's a cost that is universal to all wireless providers.

Meaning? It's a tax on your bill. *YOU* pay for it, not the wireless providers.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 0) 674

Trees are a renewable resource.

Regardless, it was my *work* they were stealing. My effort. They could have gone to the forest and cut down their own trees, but instead?

They took the ones I chopped down.

But, let's throw that aside. Because there are lots and lots of bits of work that people do, that do not involve taking collective resources. Yet, the tax still exists.

But, you knew that, didn't you?

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 0, Troll) 674

Murder and taxation are quite different things.

One is a proactive act against another, which commits great harm... in fact, pretty much the biggest harm, for the end of existence is somewhat final.

The other me minding my own business, and then people threaten me and take money from my bank account at the threat of violence.

By this metric, the Government is acting in a violent manner. Precisely the same as a murderer is.

Where as, morally, I'm the innocent party.

More importantly, take a look at it from a smaller example.

You live in an isolated, small town. There are 20 of you. You live alone, bother no one, and other than approaching and trading for things, you certainly cause them no harm.

There is currently no tax.

One day, 7 of the people get together in an open area. They start to discuss the common good, how this and that is needed, and the list goes on. Eventually they decide that it is best to go to everyone's home, and demand goods that can be used to build some benches for the park.

When the gang of 7 show up at your house, you stand aghast as they explain that you need to give them some wood you have in the back. Wood you chopped, dried, and wanted to use for firewood that winter. And when you fight them?

They kick you into submission, and then throw you into a locked hut as punishment for dare defying them. For kicks and giggles, they take the rest of your wood as an additional penalty.


Just because there are a lot of people involved in the collective practice, does not make it right!

And most importantly, I can again at least stomach it to feed starving people.

But to build a park bench? Buy art? Take money and give it to everyone, even if they don't need it? Give money to warlords, overthrow foreign governments and put puppets in place of them? Build, create, and do all sorts of non-essential things?

As for your points about moving, or whatever else. No, guess what, this is my country. I get to tell everyone what an ass they are because they support inane taxation levels.

At least this freedom has not left yet.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1, Insightful) 674

More like:

10 Government takes money from me at the point of a gun
20 Others get it
30 Goto 10

The ultimate end threat of all taxation is... force. Even in countries (like Canada, where I live) that just take your stuff if you don't pay, they still do so with force.

Or, imagine what happens if you try to stop these strangers from taking YOUR things! You end up with assault and obstruction charges!

I don't understand the concept that if I have a loaf of bread, that I worked all day for, I should have thugs with guns come and steal 1/2 of it for the guy that didn't work.

Of course, the argument is larger than that. The collective good. The list goes on. But, when there's absolutely no restrictions on who gets to take my money, and people say 'fuck it' and just give my money free to everyone else, it seems bizarre.

Steal my money, and interview / assess cases and then give it to actual starving people? Well, I can at least stand that. Steal my money and just walk into the middle of the room, throw it into the air, and say Wheeee!


Comment Re:Depends (Score 2) 315

Yes, that too!

On top of our own body's digestion rate, and specific tweaks unique to that genetic mix, there is also all of the intentional bacteria, fungi, you name it. And, these things help us digest food, and all of *them* are from varying strains, some from parents, some from eating dirt when a kid, some from local produce when you eat it...

So, that's going to be fun to work out. ;)

For example, what if you just happen to have a strain of bacteria or fungi or what not, that requires more vitamin C, or some vital amino acid. You're still fine, but you need more of certain types of foods, so that your body manages to absorb enough of what they're taking an excess of.

So many permutations.

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