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Comment Here's a heatwave graphic that includes the 1930's (Score 1) 605

You'll notice Hansen carefully avoids talking about the 1930's. The EPA has a heatwave graphic which goes back to the turn of the last century. If Hansen wants to claim it is due to co2 then there must have been one hell of a co2 bubble sitting stationary over the US for most of the 1930's.

Comment They aren't replacing their generators (Score 1) 252

Early in the article they claim to be replacing the generators, but further down they say: "The solar power systems will be capable of providing 150 per cent of the annual electricity demand without increasing diesel demand." That tells me they intend to still use the generators and the solar will augment them to reduce fossil fuel usage. Meh. Sounds to me like the article is just marketing hype. Nothing extraordinary happening.

Comment Re:And it's only twice as expensive (Score 1) 568

According to Germany has the 2nd most expensive electric pricing in the world. Denmark has the highest with $0.40 per kwh, Germany $0.36 per kwh. The USA is pretty far down the list at $0.11 per kwh. I assume those are average prices and may vary within the countries. Germany can keep its wind and solar, here in the USA I'm content sticking with good, reliable fossil fuel.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here (Score 2) 135

That 67 vs 58 unfriending figure should have been controlled according to the average number of friends for each of the sexes. I suspect they wouldn't be equal. Even as a separate category average friends for each of the sexes would be interesting to know. Meh. Maybe they just didn't want to deal with classifying transvestites.

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