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Comment Re:Sure thing (Score 1) 491

Trump lost the election the day he chose birtherism as his opening move. Obama strung him along, and then crushed him effortlessly at the white house correspondent's dinner. Any intelligent person would have backed out at that point.

In retrospect, it was an accidental master stroke on Obama's part, because he simultaneously made Trump a hero to half the Republican base, and unelectable, seriously damaging the Republican party.

Trump also should have known that sexual assault wouldn't play well, and that the Clintons would find out about it.

Comment Re:And furthermore (Score 1) 491

I wonder what Gilberthorpe was doing in first class, on a flight to New York when he was 17 years old? Was he taking a break from supplying male street meat to conservatives in parliament, as he claimed to have been doing?

My God, breitbart gets fed shit, they pass it on and you guys eat it up.

Trump bragged on tape about sexually assaulting women. Nobody is going to believe he didn't do it.

Comment Re:All mail voting? (Score 1) 454

Mail in vote doesn't solve the problem of ambiguous ballots in close elections. And no, I don't mean stick with the same thing. I think we should get rid of any electronic vote counting.

My county, for instance, used to use scantron machines (same as Florida, hanging chads etc.) the ballots were dutifully observed travelling in locked ballot boxes handled and put into the machine. But the old DOS computer reading the machine ... they didn't really have any proof that it wasn't compromised, they just knew it counted a small test set properly. It almost certainly wasn't compromised, but there's nobody at the elections office who's qualified to check.

Comment Distribution sucks (Score 1) 181

Movies should be licensed websites the same as music is licensed to radio. Anyone can play anything in the library, but you have to pay the royalty. That way Netflix, Hulu, Amazon would compete only on delivery and price, and they'd have an order of magnitude more content each. And we'd have a bunch of new competitors.

Comment Re:Understand how the system works first (Score 2) 454

A major problem with mail voting is coercion. A domineering husband can tell his wife how to vote, but with mail in ballots, he can make sure she does what he wants. Can you imagine a whole church group getting together to vote in public? Votes need to remain secret.

Also, absentee ballots are historically a huge source of vote fraud, and that's all this is. Absentee ballots for everyone.

For the record, I live in a state that is all mail in ballots. I love the convenience, but the downsides are not worth it.

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