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Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 2) 319

2. They were, or should have been had they been paying attention, taught about projections in geography class

But they weren't, or didn't; so we have to deal with reality. Reality says people don't understand map projections, even though they were supposed to learn about them. So the choice is to continue trying the same thing, over and over, again, or try something new.

Comment Re:so each new map needs to wait for the app store (Score 1) 149

A map is data, not code.

The line is fuzzy. What if the "data" for your map says that when the user walks over a specific location, call a specific function? What if those functions can accept information about the state of the game at that point? What if that map data can contain multiple function calls? At some point that map data starts to look like a script, and scripts look an awful lot like code.

Comment Re:I don't want free shipping (Score 1) 183

Then don't go to a gas station in the US.
Almost all of them in this area have gone to a "pre-pay" mode, where they think you must be a criminal who will drive away without paying unless they make you pay first.

What US are you talking about? I haven't had to pre-pay for gas in PA, MD, NY, or VA in over 15 years.

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