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Comment A 2 year-old can use an iPad. (Score 1) 524

Just because a device can do a lot of things doesn't mean it needs to be complex, brittle, and non-intuitive. It should be the goal of every engineer of a consumer device to minimize the cognitive load required by that device. The goal should be that everyone can use the device with minimal or no training.

And we should eradicate from the Earth this sort of pompous attitude that you don't deserve to use a computer unless you know how to build or program one.

Sure there are expert systems for experts, those always need to exist--just like *some* people need to know how to build bridges. But I've never once heard of a bridge designer complaining that people shouldn't be allowed to drive over bridges unless they understand the load-bearing strategy.

Comment Free speech doesn't mean 'uncriticized' speech (Score 1) 235

There were approximately 0 liberals arguing that Trump should be locked up as the result of his clearly racist statements--it's completely dishonest to claim otherwise. As for Facebook? private companies can decide for themselves what speech they endorse--there's not first amendment right to post on Facebook.

Comment Tech poser (Score 1) 524

Just because someone doesn't want to waste their time debugging some piece of shit PC doesn't make them an "idiot", it means that they value their own time enough to not want to waste it. I spend my time doing deeply technical work during the day, I don't want to spend my off hours debugging my home computer, or my wife's computer, etc. So I use a Mac at home and I encourage my friends & family to do the same.

And so do you--but not without chuckling to yourself first about what idiots those people are.

Real engineers care about solving real problems. I'm completely unimpressed by posers who see tech knowledge as a weapon they can use to shit on everyone else. Invariably, in my experience, those people are terrible at tech and even worse at being a human.

Oh, and perhaps you are outside the US, but in the US the most-expensive [standard-config] iMac is $2300 and has a 2TB Fusion drive (which is a hybrid SSD/spinning disk).

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