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Comment Re:I don't think many apps use multi core (Score 1) 279

Photoshop, and Premier, Handbrake, ffmpeg, Winff--almost anything that works on the video you see on youtube were likely done with multiple cores. The marketing images of things you buy were likely raytraced on multiple cores. The things in your life were designed with multi-core computing, such as the cars you drive, and the buildings you stand in. To name a few.

Comment Not So Good For 3D Printing and Mission Critical (Score 3, Informative) 498

There are times that users just can't have resource grabbing happen, such as 3D printing. The latency from even checking for updates, can ruin a studio recording. Windows 10 rebooting options are poorly thought out. What if you cannot have your computer reboot anytime in the near future?

Comment Forgot Some... (Score 5, Insightful) 489

White text on a bight yellow background, on Galaxy Note 3 Android.
Where the fuck have the icons gone? Windows.
Why can't I cut an paste information from your dialog.
Why are things still not resolution independent. Adobe, and most music production applications.
Don't think you need files and folders? Think again, and the includes you Firefox mobile bookmarks.

The creator of "material design" need to be shot. There's a difference between not being limited by the physical world, and needlessly disconnect us from what we have already learned.

In the battle between KDE, Gnome, and Unity, Cinnamon won.

Rounded corners rule!
Shadows show us what's on top!

Just because Apple did it, doesn't make it right. Remember, they had a bad year last year.
People need to work, more than you need to masturbate over your own art work.
Most serious file management takes place in two windows.
Clean means that you are too lazy to update the functionality in your program, so you are leaving useful stuff off.
Those who think that the command line and a GUI cannot coexist have never seen a 3D CAD or design program.

Comment Not Even Wrong! (Score 1) 501

There are so many things wrong with the prediction that I don't know where to start.

Power: While content creation is often processor intensive, video editing is very processor intensive. Even playing 3K much less 4K video will get my i7/nvidia "mobile workstation" warm. I make youtube videos like many people. I can edit them on my notebook, but I export the media, which holds a hyperthreaded quad core at 90-100% for hours at a time. Notebooks don't not like that. Gaming computers are powerful, but I feel that few have enough airflow for having both the GPU and CPU running at the same time. Yes, video editing programs are GPU accelerated. 4K will be a bitch. My next desktop will have 8 cores.

While my notebook isn't bad a CAD/Design, because my desktop can run it's video card faster at all times, it's still faster. If I want to raytrace an animation I use my desktop because it can take the heat.

As for API's and computer languages, whatever all of you decide to use--will be used. There are a lot of computer languages out there. Companies can dictate whatever they want, but they are not going to be able to hold a platform if they are aren't on the same page as the bulk of programmers. This is a small but sill a significant part of why C/C++ is still popular.

The death of the PC is only the dream of the person who wants to sell you a service and control you information. Don't go for it.

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