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Comment My Newegg order history... (Score 1) 99

My Newegg order history shows 8 total DVD drives. Plus one laptop with a DVD. Dang,within the years 2003-2008... reduces it to 2 drives, one laptop with a DVD. I'm sure there were more dammit... Then again it doesn't say I have to prove it. I bought some locally from the local computer store. If I got $30 from these guys I would be shocked.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 4, Interesting) 501

Agreed. With all the phones & tablets & the apparent attitude that PCs are dying, everyone still uses them. My stepson lives in a co-op with a ton of other 20somethings & not all of the own a PC but they sure like to use his when they have a need. Our local library's machines are almost always in use with people waiting. I sure as hell can't do any real work without a PC.

The demise of the PC is desire of the the greedy men that rule the world. Lock them down, no more of this wild west internet stuff. They've been telling us the PC is dying for years now & iOS, Android & now windows fucking 10 (still mostly open though) IS THE FUTURE. I wonder if some day using regular PC on a public network will be outlawed.

A 7+ year old PC is fast enough for most. This is the only reason PC sales are not what they once where.

Comment Re:Semantics... (Score 1) 433

Agreed. Every asshole co-worker is not necessarily gaslighting you. Even with spreading innuendos, outright lies, backstabbing, & direct sabotage, it's not gaslighting, it's a common problem of having a asshole co-worker. IMO %50 of the population of this planet are assholes so chances are good that changing jobs fixes nothing.

I've dealt with these ongoing issues using direct confrontation, building good relationships with the non-asshole co-workers, & being damn sure I do my job very well. The reasons these assholes behave the way they do is because they feel threatened by you. I just continue to directly confront them until they back off & do my job obsessively well. Soon enough they will back off or show they incompetency.

Comment Re:Computers are still too slow (Score 1) 139

I've gave it more than a few seconds of thought, pretty much on a daily basis while sitting there waiting. This may be slightly off topic because the article is about clock speeds, but what I said, if you read carefully, is I am waiting on a computer (& network). Of course it's a lot of things combined that causes me to be waiting.

My personal desktop runs a i7 at 4GHz, 16 gig RAM, two 500 gig SSDs striped, an a nVidia 960. Runs like a champ, but when using it for work, I still find myself waiting.

A lot of things need to be improved to get where I would like computers to be. Higher clock speeds would be one of them.

Comment Do they know what they did? (Score 1, Troll) 2837

Social Security: little chance of saving it. Retirees can live with their kids if they were unable to save enough. That is if they have kids, otherwise keep working.

Age Discrimination: no chance of Medicare expansion, healthcare is too expensive to hire older people.

Woman's right to choose: Overturning of Roe v Wade. Abortions will be illegal in many states. They will still happen, likely more abortions but they will be illegal.

Environment: Climate change aside, more pollution in our air, rivers & lakes. It's in the Republican Platform, read it.

Marriage equality

Outsourcing of jobs

Wage equality

Ran outa time, but the list goes on. The majority of the Trump voted fucked themselves & don't even know it . But don't worry, your guns are safe, like they ever were in any danger. Idiocracy was a documentary

Comment Re:RANT! (Score 1) 204

You're talking about something a bit different, but it still applies IMO. When private industry won't/can't supply what the people want/need, then it is the duty of the government to do so. At least FDR thought so, The Rural Electrification Act of 1936 is why the rural areas finally started getting electricity.

Municipal ISPs could provide the competition to force Comcrap, ATT, & the rest to improve their service. But that would take electing leaders that actually represent the people.

Comment Re:How much do all the ads on webpages cost? (Score 1) 78

But it appears I will have to go with a adblocker now.

Careful, most only remove the div/object from sight, they don't stop them from actually downloading.

Really, I did not know that. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions as to what to use? Does NoScipt block it all? I've seen some sites that won't allow you to see their content if you block their ads. As long as that does not proliferate, no big deal, I'll just not use those sites.

Comment Re:How much do all the ads on webpages cost? (Score 1) 78

OK fine, good shot. But you understand, the mosquitoes were out in force do to recent rains so after sunset we were chased inside.

The cabin was a payoff for computer repairs. A friend of mine has a few businesses & suffers from the usual computer problems & I've been fixing them for years. I used to get gym membership but he sold it.

Comment How much do all the ads on webpages cost? (Score 2) 78

When we were on vacation to a nice cabin on a lake that had no Internet, I tethered off my phone. Just my wife & I doing normal surfing in the evenings & yes I knew I would go over my 6 gig cap... It occurred to me that I am paying top download the ads on all websites.

While I understand websites aren't free & other than Google, no one is really making much money with these ads. But it appears I will have to go with a adblocker now. Fucking Comcrap starts their cap on us next month. I wonder how much data is being chewed up by advertisements?

BTW fuck them & their throttling plans.

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