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Comment Re:AI does what AI is programmed to do (Score 1) 169

AI doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be better than humans in the cases that it is applied. As someone that rides bikes and has a Master's degree in AI, I would feel safer sharing roads with self-driving cars such as those from Google than with human drivers. I've had accidents because some careless driver decided to stop on the bike lane out of nowhere. That driver was either hateful or careless in a way that state of the art self driving cars already aren't. Using your own arguments, just because you are a scared little rabbit fearing self-driving cars shouldn't stop other people from having getting them.

Comment Re:Half mast? (Score 1) 200

Do you mean the guy that always explain the joke in the way that everyone else had already understood, and that is the reason that he is called Obvious? The Captain part would then imply a superhero persona that comes out of nowhere to do this duty of explaining.

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