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Comment Said the potato chip maker (Score 1) 139

All news aggregators/repackagers have this problem, Flipboard is no different. Their only value to me (was a long term user, dropped them about a year ago) was in repackaging the news into a format more easily consumed on the tablet/phone. Once they started shelling out to the browser for something like half of all articles in the service they became useless and irrelevant. This statement is an example of a dying company trying to prove their relevance.

Comment Re:EULA Escape? (Score 1) 72

don't get me wrong, I think it's good that the FTC is doing this. But those restrictive terms in typical EULAs should be illegal, and likely many are if actually challenged in court, but consumers need redress for defective products, FTC fining them and pressuring for "better next time" is good, but does nothing for the people that bought the defective gear.

Comment Re:I completely agree. (Score 1) 522

the solution of moving off planet is a dubious "solution" for Earth itself. It presumes that we could move off planet at a rate that significantly exceeds the reproduction rate of humans. The solution may preserve humans as a species, but Earth itself and any people living here are doomed unless an event like a massive virulent plague (or similar human specific disaster) strikes humans. But ultimately, this solution is just recreating the same problem on another planet. Until we are able to somehow get reproduction rates under control, it's inevitable.

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