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Comment Asterisk (Score 1) 497

This is a bit involved, but will work if you have the time and know how to set it up.

You can likely port your landline number to a VOIP service and then setup asterisk. Use IVR to play a message when you are called. Have a code that your friends and family know that will allow them to break out of the IVR and ring an extention.. Funnel everything else to voicemail or whatever you want.. You will only get a ring when it is someone who knows the code.

Comment Re:second hand e-smoke (Score 1) 314

I smoked for years, and could never quit.

Three years ago, I tried an ecig on a lark, and actually quit smoking without intending to, which to me seems like a miracle!

I went through a month or two of coughing up stuff from my lungs, but I never felt the need to smoke cigarettes.

I still have a nicotine addiction, but have been slowly weaning myself down to weaker and weaker e-juice. On day I will quit, but I feel a hell of a lot better than I did when I was smoking!

For me, the patch isn't even close !

Comment Re:Sony will figure out a way (Score 1) 268

The main contributing factor to fiber being inexpensive is that most lines are run above ground here in Tokyo.

NTT has a monopoly on Fiber. I haven't researched this, but I would be shocked if Sony wasn't riding on NTT fiber.

I don't have a motivation to change though. I have a 200/200 capable fiber line (realistically I get 60 to 70 up and down), and bandwidth is never a limiting factor for me.

Comment Re:Budget over Justice? (Score 3, Insightful) 626

Option 4.The government pays for the test and justice is served. A million bucks is not a huge amount when we are talking about government budgets.

You are right though, there is a an amount and a level of certainty where it doesn't make sense to do the test, but a million bucks to keep a serial rapist (or perhaps two) off the streets, would likely pay for itself.

Comment IF they really want to succeed (Score 1) 102

They need to address the needs of the corporate market. If you can make solid phones and have them integrate well into a corporate environment, offering the features corporations needs you are not just another provider, you are solving problems.

Features I think they should have;

Built in remote management features and "Mobile Device Management Software." This is always a top priority and usually a costly solution.
Make it simple to push approved patches, software, and updates. Make it simple to remote wipe and remote install phones.
Anti Virus.
An easy way to flag Personal vs Corporate calls.
An easy way to separate Corporate vs Personal App purchases.
Centralized accounting of corporate calls and app purchases.
A method for joining Active Directory domains.
IPsec and OpenVPN capable.
Easy file sharing for corporate file shares.

And of course security.

Classic Games (Games)

36-Hour Lemmings Port Gets Sony Cease and Desist 268

Zerocool3001 writes "The recently featured 36-hour port of the original Palm version of Lemmings to the iPhone and Palm Pre has received a cease and desist letter from Sony. Only one day after submitting the app for approval on the two app stores, the developer has put up a post stating that he 'did this as a tribute to the game — we can only hope that Sony actually does a conversion for platforms like iPhone and Palm Pre in the near future.' The text of the cease and desist letter is available from the developer's website."

Comment Re:I've been saying this all along....! (Score 1) 1015

I am sure a few natives sat around the fire on occasion and podered the same thing.

"Imagine if there were people across the water."

"Nah couldn't happen."

"Yeah but what if there were, I wonder what they'd be like..."

Given the infinite possibilities that are out there in the vastness of space and time, it could just as easily be explorers, conquerors, pilgrams, something we can't possibly comprehend, or even creatures like us. Anything is possible.

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