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Comment Get IT Security credentials (Score 3, Insightful) 813

Best bet for all IT workers is to get security training and certified. Most companies are outsourcing most IT functionality, however the trend is to not outsource IT security. It's the last lifeboat in a sinking field filled with cheap labor.

I should have been a dentist.

Comment Patenting Logic (Score 1) 294

I have always seen software patents in the same thread of trying to patent logic. In the case of Gottschalk v. Benson we see the US Supreme Court boiling it down to you cannot patent math. You would think that software would come along side that vein of thinking in that software languages is the application of logic.

I'm hoping this comes to a head and no amount of corporate interest could interfere with the disillusion of software patents. I wonder how much math would be crippled if you could patent math formulas? I cannot imagine mathematicians paying royalty/license fees to build new formulas from prior ones.

Comment Consumers need Amazon (Score 1) 141

As a consumer, Amazon has saved me many times from overpaying for products and keeping my money in my pocket. Amazon for me in the US is a great benchmark and provides me a good service in deciding the price on products. I also use Amazon as a bargaining chip when buying locally. I'll show the product to the store owner and see if they will match the price. If they do, great, if not, then it's a quick decision how badly I need the item.

Comment I need to find a better Slashdot (Score 1) 370

Being a white collar white male in the IT industry I know I'm the ilk stain of society injustices to a wide range of issues that I myself cannot fathom to see. I know I am apart of the whole that embodies "the man" based on my non-chosen gender, skin color, IQ, and class of living. This is not news to those that I refer to us. On behalf of the greater community of white skined male IT professionals, we have heard the message clearly.

Now if you do not mind, could Slashdot rewind back a decade when the articles were more technology focused and less social commentary? I think there are better forums for such discussion.

Comment Shocking review from competitor (Score 1) 478

I would like to point out to Tim, that I find iOS limiting and closed minded. Add to the fact that what I purchase on iOS doesn't run on Mac OS. At least Microsoft is trying in effort to converge their platform. Heck even Google gets it with the noise around Chrome OS and Android merging.

So to Tim I say, at least Microsoft is trying.

Comment Read between the lines (Score 1) 43

Microsoft and Google have decided that sufficient funds have been transferred to both of their respective legal teams that the ROI of any judgement would yield a net loss for each of the companies. Patent in affect have become the nuclear options and both parties had enough pointed at each other that any assured continued action would yield in a MAD scenario. So with the legal council fully funded with no more desire to shove the stove pipe with future funds, both parties have decided for the time being to lay down arms. For now, in such time one has a tactical advantage to leverage against the other.

Comment Gifted? Not really (Score 1) 445

The days for finding the real genius in the ruff at an early age has circum to political and social pressure to the point where "gifted" is the code word for extra play time. And some how this extra play time is an adjunct that is suppose to heal the ills of mass poverty, social injustice, correct parental neglect, boost nutrition, and foster the ability to and desire to learn from those within the gifted program. So as such, every child must be entered into this holy of institutions else be doomed to the rabble of deviants.Once all the children are gifted and talented, then no one will be gifted and talented.

Comment Agreed (Score 2) 201

I have been to countless demos and conferences, and pre-canned demos are the worst. And pre-canned "live" demos are even more terrible. I think this helps humanize the CEO and shows the difficulty of what Microsoft is trying to accomplish. When you are developing cutting edge, expect to bleed. Nothing to be ashamed about. And if you want to be known as the CEO of one of the largest R&D software develop shops, you are going to bleed on stage. Roll with it. We learn more from failure, than we ever have from success.

Comment Re:remember it well (Score 1) 159

1) The traffic congestion 2) The heat 3) The humidity 4) The pollution 5) The crime/police 6) The high property taxes 7) The shear amount of cement; see #1 through #4 Though all of that is relative to the observer. Houston is booming and with the passage of the bullet train between Houston and Dallas it will only bring more of the masses to the metroplexes. All of my family friends that moved to Houston have been grateful for the employment, but their enthusiasm curbed once they got to Houston.

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