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Comment Re:so non dealer service or not paying for softwar (Score 1) 247

I don't see servicing mentioned in the exemptions. I see unauthorized SOFTWARE changes, which basically means you don't get to jailbreak your car without paying up if the jailbreaking causes your car to plow into a group of kids. Does your car drive better with the jailbreak? No one will find out about it if there's no accident.

Comment Re:Suing the governments for interfering in my lif (Score 1) 247

Please stop taking advantage directly or indirectly from roads, hospitals, education, electricity not generated by yourself, water and food also not generated by yourself (to the full extent, no buying supplies for a well or seeds for planting that has in any way had contact with government) and so on.

Internet too, you don't get to use that anymore because it was originally started by the military which falls under government.

Comment Re:Cheating at Tournaments (Score 1) 105

Chess can be played in 500 years same as we play it today. So can football, baseball, any sport you can think of.

How long do you think it will be until CS:GO just can't really run on modern computers, or no one wants to because the graphics are too dated? That is going to be the curse of any kind of e-sports, the crazy pace at which the medium itself moves.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 5, Insightful) 906

clear sexual advances like these without invitation are a clear case of sexual harassment.

So you want to ban any kind of sexual advances? I mean, do you want that people first ask before they ask about starting a relationship?

I must be incredibly old-fashioned to think that getting to know someone, talking, finding common interests etc. should precede "Hey, wanna fuck me? My girlfriend is okay with it."

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