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Comment Reasonable to use the Cloud? (Score 1) 319

So the solution to the syncing problem is to put your phone down five inches from your laptop, upload to your Cloud account (on a capped internet connection), then download it on the other device (on the same capped internet device) instead of creating a physical connection between the two? Or hell, just a local wireless connection if we're only talking about syncing and not even getting into questions about charging?

This. THIS is what causes all that bandwidth saturation the ISPs are so afraid of!

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 4, Interesting) 329

Sad but true.

Having all information lately pushed in the form of images and videos doesn't help - I still haven't found a reliable means of searching for that one video where someone said ...

I remember the internet back in the late 90s, when everyone had their own little corner of the net to publish the things they wanted to share with the world, and it was all in text. There was a lot of crap, sure, but you could find the stuff you wanted to. Now I get the feeling that looking up news from just last month is an exercise in futility as it gets buried in pointless results; that is, if there even is something to search for and it wasn't just a picture meme that will be forever lost.

Comment Re:fallacy (Score 5, Interesting) 176

No, what they mean is they test it by feeding it the data from 1995, then comparing its predictions to what the weather was actually like in 1996. They are doing exactly what you say is the only way to test the validity of the data - they just started collecting data long ago.

THAT SAID, 62% correct doesn't seem all that awesome unless they use very tight margins. Does the computer say it'll be -10C and then count it as a fail if it's actually -11C? -15C? Does it say 'Good enough' if it says "Rain and 5C" and instead we get "Snow and -2C"?

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