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Comment Re:Recycle POOP (Score 2) 56

Donald trump is a stinking pile of poo and Democrats are his allies we need a workers party to fight for socialist revolution! Full citizenship rights for all immigrants!!!!!!

It is odd but usually the "Workers Party" is opposed to Immigration because that is who competes with their jobs. And the pro Corporation party is for immigration because it is source of cheap labor. The alignment of these positions are upside down in the US political arrangement.

Comment Leaky Abstractions (Score 2) 489

My biggest complaint is the constant attempt to "abstract" simple concepts such as directories. For example "My Libraries" abstracted over top the easy to comprehend directory file system is an abomination. Ask the average user how to go to a directory hanging off the user directory (c:/user/$user) and they don't know how. You click on "my documents" but there is no clear way to go up one level of hierarchy or even understand where "My Libraries" really resides. Of course this was even worse in the "my documents and settings" days. People readily understand a hierarchical directory and file system. Why do they attempt to further abstract directories and files is beyond me. This is why Gates could not find the "downloads" directory in the anti-trust trial - where the hell is it? Even he didn't know! Gnome3 makes the same mistake IMHO.

Comment Re:It Is Impressive! (Score 1) 313

" I don't give a crap about the minutiae of UI elements (unless it's truly horrible like Gnome)"

So I gather from this you use Macs because it supports your programming/working environment and you don't have to deal with the UI disaster known as Gnome3.

Interestingly I maintain a set of Linux workstations and most of the scientist/engineer guest users of these workstations are otherwise Mac users. I have installed Gnome/Mate and they sit down and are immediately able to do work with little to no training and no complaining. I know that if I transition to stock Gnome3 I would get a lot of WTF moments. .

Comment Re:CNN? (Score 1, Troll) 161

Go look at the list of headlines and Breitbart and then CNN and tell which is more biased! Breitbart is the DJT Cult of Personality worshipping channel. Go read the commenters that follow the red meat stories one after another... These people are still angry about having a black person in authority that theey would gladly lead the US into fascism and tyranny

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