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Comment Sounds Right (Score 1) 104

Sounds right. I recently applied for a programming job at a bank. After the interview and showing me the place, they offered me the job. I politely declined. Then I quickly closed my accounts and moved to a more modern bank. Why? That bank literally uses MSAccess tables to store ALL of the customer data. And VB5 "processes" to interact with the feds. Un-believable. They are still doing it to this day. Ironically enough, they now have a web presence that doesn't work 99% of the time.

Comment No Plans (Score 0) 279

I am 37 and will be retiring in 15 years. So .. 1.5 decades. I've been programming since 1990, so ... 25 years. I have absolutely no plans on programming with-in the next month as I am switching to Systems or DB administration. I'm literally bored and sick of programming. The pay just isn't up there any more, and I plan to have a somewhat decent retirement.

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