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Comment Internet to Sweden! Come in, Sweden! (Score 1) 70

In case Sweden hasn't been paying attention, the Hollywood backed President together with his Best-Buddies-With-MPAA-Boss-VP are out the door. What they have now is a President that has been treated by Hollywood (right or wrong doesn't matter) with utter contempt and disrespect. So what happens if those same people come begging for "strengthening IP protections" and the usual demands? Stop kissing up the boss's behind for now.

Comment Re:How is CBS and Paramount harmed by fan fiction? (Score 1) 146

Just call it a parody highlighting the lack of plot and poor writing of Star Trek Beyond using contrast. Parody is largely protected from copyright and Paramount CBS can go suck eggs.

Hey that's an awesome idea, create a parody Star Trek movie short (29 min, 59 seconds) where the plot is that the "C.B.S. Enterprise" (Copyright Barristers' Ship), under captain T'Sapf enters the timeline from an alternate universe and sues the Federation for infringing 'their' IP rights (i.e. their continued existence) as per their "Paramount Directive". And as per Grand Council's order, are allowed to end their existence. Our hero (TBD) and his crew are to enter the alternate universe, navigate to their HQ (situated on the moon 'Ves', in orbit around planet Leslie) and resolve the issue.

Would we still have this issue if copyright term was limited to 2 x 14 = 28 years? I think not.

Comment UK, Australia... (Score 1) 60

So now China is the 'bad guy' for blocking websites? The UK has been doing this for years and Australia is now following suit. Except it's not the Chinese government but the Hollywood Government that's behind it. More European countries now do the same thing. Soon you'll see first Canada, then the US do the same thing ("bla bla Internation standard bla bla").

Comment Criminal offence (Score 1) 188

It should be made a criminal offence, worded such that it can't be offloaded on the shareholders' pockets by means of a fine or settlement, to deter any security firm or white hat hacker that gives proper notification of a security flaw from publishing a security advisory after 90 days have expired from the moment of notification. That means responsible executives (or lawyers) will go to federal prison if this can be proven, whether they "knew about it" or not (to protect "junior staffers"). The public needs to be protected, this will force the provider to fix the issue within 3 months, or else the users will be informed... while also making the provider liable for potential losses (heh, borrowed that from the copyright industry) for as long as no effective fix has been published. Yes, the "potential losses" was no joke, as if an ATM network needs to be brought down for a week, that's a lot of potential losses right there at $2 / transaction. Effective fix means: mitigate the security threat but keep functionality, so a "just turn the damn thing off fix" is not a fix.

Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 1) 88

Correct. Windows 10 is dumbed down compared to Windows 7. Those with abilities hate it. Those who lack technical prowess love it, as it's right up their alley. It's too bad that "new" users will only experience dumbed-down and remain at that level. So it'll have to be dumbed down even further.

I forget which Sci-Fi story it was, but eventually society will transform into 2 classes: the tech-savvy sub-class minority that keeps things running, and the vast majority that's completely ignorant of anything "under the hood" (it just works! don't ask why! geez! just enjoy it!) and remain at a natural intelligence level of 12-year olds.

The Lost Levels is for gamers. Jumpy Mario is for idiots looking for a quick rush while it's popular, and do something else after 2-3 months.

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