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Comment Re:How about no... (Score 1) 60

We'll be dead by that time. The whole economy is based on the growth is good mantra. Let's build more homes and fill them with more stuff. Make the roads bigger to hold ever more cars because public transport is bad. More channels on your cable or satellite service. More artists on the music streaming service. As long as the net income keeps rising the stock price keeps going up and the investors are happy. As long as GDP keeps going up the economists and politicians are happy. Grow baby grow.

Comment Re:How about no... (Score 1) 60

The market expects companies to grow at a certain rate no matter how big the company gets. The problem is that the larger a company gets the harder it is for it to keep growing at the same rate. Apple has been finding this out recently. Even though they are selling lots of phones the stock price isn't reflecting that because the analysts are always expecting Apple to sell more each quarter compared to the year before.

The easiest, and sometimes the only, way for a company to grow at these expected rates is to acquire another large company. The cable companies are constrained to the areas they are already in. There is a bit of growth in the housing stock but not enough to create the growth required. Basically you are going to see more of these large mergers in the future as companies need to keep their revenues and incomes expanding for the markets but their core businesses won't allow that growth to happen.

Comment Re:I wish they had succeeded (Score 1) 66

There was an application called Sporty on my iPhone that I was really interested in that let you find people nearby to play sports. When it first came out the only way to sign up was with Facebook. I just checked and you can now use email and Twitter (not that I'd use Twitter). Whenever I encounter a situation like this I write the app developers and tell them that I won't use their product while I need a Facebook account.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

The president kept going on about WMDs in Iraq. When Canada was asked for help we said show us the evidence and our Parliament will vote on the matter. The US wouldn't even show the "evidence" to the party leaders. So we didn't go.

Whenever anyone from anywhere proclaims something bold without providing evidence I don't believe them or at least have my doubts. Especially when politics is involved. Look at who the players are and how they gain. A little scientific reasoning goes a long way.

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 4, Insightful) 270

They don't want the problem solved. They want it hidden from view. Putting people in shelters doesn't solve their problems. Getting them into an apartment starts to help. Then they can worry about eating properly, their health, getting a job if they don't have one, and a whole list of other things that will improve their lives.

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