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Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 123


They sold that shit to Mobil Oil Corp (now defunct) as the "do-all front end to a backend."

It was tough to learn and wonky.

As a systems analyst for Mobil, I refused to have anything to do with it.

Those "upwardly mobile" promotion chasers went to work across the street for Kodak, who fired them later for being unskilled.

Comment And no changes down-tier ... (Score 1) 62

... because I checked today.

The person said, "You don't use data."


I have WiFi at home and just about every place I visit has free WiFi.

I have a 2GB cap, and carry-over data, so this month I'. at 3.63GB remaining.

I don't use data because ... data cap.

I was hoping for some trickle-down freebies like 4GB at no extra charge and stuff.

I'm with Verizon in USA and I get a 15% military discount for having served in the Navy back in the late 1960s.

I presented then with a copy of my DD-214, which they returned to me.

Also, I have a License To Carry in Texas, with "Veteran" stamped on my license that can be used as proof of service.

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