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Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

That's a lot of words just to deny that your philosophy truly is "I've got mine, fuck you".

The failure in your "logic" is that 'obligations' aren't discrete. It's not like you have five chits and six people need one chit each. This isn't a concentration camp. We aren't fighting over the last scrap of food. Feeding a stranger doesn't mean you or your friends starve to death. There's plenty to go around if people like you would stop justifying their heartlessness with weak philosophies.

Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 1) 1010

And I doubt you've ever moved out of your mom's basement. We all have our doubts.

But let's say you investigated me and found out that I had held a security clearance. It would then be stupid of you to continue on saying I hadn't.

Likewise, after several investigations find no laws broken, it is stupid of you (the general you) to continue on saying there were laws broken.

Comment Re:FBI Director [Re:And she gets away with it...] (Score 2, Informative) 1010

Mmm hmmm. And as soon as he had that immunity and told them everything he knew, they realized he had nothing to offer.

Smart people demand immunity no matter what. Everyone here on Slashdot would do that. It doesn't mean you're corrupt, it means you are following competent legal advice.

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