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Comment Re:"Once stuff is installed the jobs are gone." (Score 1) 414

I understand that about the permitting and approvals process.

The grid tie and permitting for install will ALWAYS be the boat anchor in the solar scenario.

I just anticipate the installation and setup process to grow more and more idiot proof.
Most of the people doing installs for themselves do some research. The rest have solar sold to them as "bling" and they're essentially just given an "idiot meter" to show them "SAVINGS!"
What we're likely to see more of are more of the "blingers" trying DIY or DIY upgrades and doing something to put themselves in competition for a Darwin.

Comment Re:Geeks repellant! (Score 1) 233

It depends.

Up until a few years ago, gaming cons were like that too. But as these things grow, that sort of thing falls away and the audience gets more diverse.

Now we have creepy stalker-types coming in too as they think it's a target-rich environment.

One of our demo agents (who could definitely fit the description of "babe") has had an especially annoying stalker pestering her at several conventions. As a result, we generally have several large and/or burly security types hanging out to offer assistance if necessary.

Now this isn't to say gaming industry cons are rapefests or anything. But any growth in a convention tends to lead to diversification of attendees. And not all of said attendees are well socialized...

Comment Re:"Once stuff is installed the jobs are gone." (Score 1) 414

"At this point, everyone has a roof"

Yet people still replace them periodically.

And new construction creates new roof space all the time...

The number of jobs it's going to create in the next 30 years or so will be phenomenal.

It'll correct downwards again after the initial build-out, but maintenance and new installs will still keep a certain modicum of people more or less permanently employed.

Comment "Once stuff is installed the jobs are gone." (Score 5, Interesting) 414

Like hell!

Do you have any idea how BIG the install base for solar is going to get?

Right now, solar and solar + battery are at the worst it's ever going to be again.

There's, quite literally, enough first-time install base out there to keep every person currently doing it until they die of old age, with a HUGE backlog of jobs.

And while the panels eventually drop off in efficiency after 20-30 years, there will be enough retrofit work in a couple decades to keep the industry going strong for pretty much EVER.

Not to mention a bit of extra capacity planned into an install can keep an install self-sufficient for decades beyond the initial lifespan.

Another generation or two of improvements in panel construction, battery engineering (with accompanying drops in price) and management software, and we should start seeing fully-integrated solar power and solar power+solar water heating "kits" hit the market. And that's when solar is REALLY going to take off.

Comment Now if they could get some browser talent... (Score 1) 319

Well, this is what dicking around, going every which way instead of concentrating on their core product(s) has got them.
Worse still are their plans to neuter their own browser to make it more Chrome-like.

Let's hope they can attract people who actually know what the fuck they're doing and want to rescue Firefox from the smoking ruin it's threatening to become.

Comment Re:Sure! It's okay to settle for Defender! (Score 1) 231

Sorry, but in business, if you care about your data you go belt AND suspenders.

You run a multi-layer backup strategy.
You run antivirus.
You don't use "server" devices as someone's workstation.
Etc, etc.

Sure, your chances, especially with an intelligent, tech-savvy userbase are tiny.
But security is about more than just obvious stuff. And if you can catch corner-cases, so much the better. Less effort and cost for the client in the long run.

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