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Comment And no one will buy it either (Score 1) 423

These finger print readers, as anyone who has used one "on a smart phone" would know, don't do well if you have anything on your fingers at all (grease, water, gloves, etc.). This is the proverbial "magic button" people are looking forward to make their guns secure, yet, unwittingly, unusable. When you have considerable room for error, and there is plenty here, it is effectively useless. I've used a firearm when a would-be burglar attempted to enter my home and I will tell you there is no time for fuck-ups and repositioning your finger while Siri says "I'm sorry, I didn't get that." How little time am I talking about? A window shattered and I was firing before the glass hit the floor.

Comment A lot has to change (Score 1) 230

I live in a city where road work never fucking ends and the workers get really creative routing traffic through these work zones. It has gotten to the point I think there is no standard other than "make it work." On the rare occasion, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do, but many people end up fucking it up. So it -is- preposterous unless a lot of things change and strict adherence to those changes occur.

Comment What about when it effects service? (Score 1) 77

I bought a tripod and wasn't impressed with it. So I left my thoughts in a review. The manufacturer contacted me and told me they were aware of the problems and working on a new version. They offered to send me the next model up and asked if I'd "update my review." I agreed and updated it to reflect them standing behind their product (didn't change my thoughts on the tripod itself), which I think is important in the buying process. I've left negative reviews for companies doing the exact opposite.

Comment Saitek has had some issues (Score 2) 69

There are some discussions out there about saitek having supply chain issues and products being on backorder indefinitely. One in particular is their rudder pedals, which used to be reasonably priced, now costs hundreds of dollars. Hopefully Logitech will get things on track. The flight sim controller isn't a crazy lucrative business unless you are really enthusiastic and the ultra enthusiast is shopping above Saitek's quality.

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