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Comment Re:I know I'm being selfish, but... (Score 1) 328

From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

It's an ugly and vicious idea; it's an attempt to enslave the competent to provide for those willing to fake disability. It's an inverted morality, where pus-filled sores become a mortgage on the lives of decent people.

Comment Re:Thats fine by me (Score 1) 138

Good musculature makes an immense difference in everyday life. The spring in your step and the ability to jump out of the way of that self-driving car. The ability to get that 70 pound bag of concrete off the skid and onto your cart, next time you're at Home Depot. Being able to hike up a small mountain and not feel sore the next day. Being able to fend off that jerk who won't stop pestering you.

Strength is a part of health.

Comment Re: All of this has happened before... (Score 1) 277

Intel rest on their laurels as a matter of strategy.

If that's what Intel is doing, it's a stupid strategy. If Intel could produce a processor running at 8 GHz but otherwise identical to an I7-7700K, they could charge $3000 apiece for them and sell as many as they could make. Intel doesn't because it can't; physics and present technology don't allow it.

Comment Re:The whole "blue light thing" is pure BS. (Score 1) 118

Reinforcing your point on the value of blue light for the several hours around midday: blue light is refracted more strongly than the longer wavelength portion of the spectrum, so your eye muscles don't work as hard to distort the eye to focus on nearby items if the blue portion of the spectrum is strong enough. Over time, inadequate blue in lighting encourages myopia.

Comment Re:Artificial Gravity (Score 1) 154

Artificial gravity is the force in a spacecraft caused by acceleration, either linear or centripetal, to replace mass-caused force. "Artificial gravity" is a good term to use because it identifies not only the cause but the use.

The force exerted by air on a 14 foot by 14 foot square is 200 tons. That's going to substantially exceed the force required to hold together a space vehicle due to spinning it. Additionally, there's no need to spin up to 1 g; most of the disadvantages of freefall can be removed by a small fraction of a gravity,

Comment Re:Beer (Score 2) 154

A tax write-off, when considered with the loss that allows the write-off, does not generate more money for the company than doing nothing. It's not in the company's best interest to act to create tax write-offs.

If a company's ad doesn't work, somebody's been fooled: the ad agency by the network, the company by the ad agency, or someone within the company that has a hidden motive for placing the ad.

Comment Re:Odds (Score 1) 263

A properly designed ECC detects errors in the parity bits. That can mean that one more parity bit is required than if the parity bits weren't covered by the ECC.

For instance, an ECC for 8-bit data with 3 parity bits could correct a single bit error in the 8-bit part, but would cause an error in the 8-bit part if a parity bit was wrong. An ECC for 8-bit data with 4 parity bits can correct any of the total 12 bits, although correcting an error in the parity bits may not be necessary.

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